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The Change Of Bond Girls Essay

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The Change of Bond Girls In Adams' article Bond Girls:gender, technology and film she says that
the question, how have Bond girls changed? "Blonder, dumber and
thinner" would not be an uncommon reply. Some of the results of my
questionnaire seemed to support this idea. When asking participants to
"use one word [they] associate with Bond girls" a massive 80% said
"sex". This showed me that the general opinion was that sex was key in
the representation of Bond girls throughout the franchise. I also
discovered through my questionnaire that 90% of males and only 40% of
women said they watched Bond films "a lot". While 50% of women said
they only watched it "sometimes". 60% of people said that the
representations of these women had changed and participants gave
reasons such as "more involved in the plot" and "not as inferior as
they once were". The 30% who said they had not changed gave responses
such as "they are still sexy" and "they all still sleep with James
Bond". These results were extremely useful to me as I could clearly
see that a quite large number of the participants had noticed a
significant change in the representations of Bond girls but they had
related this to the roles of the women in the plot and their
sub-ordinance. There were still a lot of participants who believed
that Bond girls still remained in the same role in terms of sexuality.

As I did most of my secondary research out before my primary research
I was able to perform close textual analysis of the 20 Bond films and
was clear of the information I had to retrieve which would be useful
for my project. I took notes on four main themes regarding; Bond's
relationship and treatment of the women, the roles of the women in the
film (how key they were to the plot), and the social depiction and
life of their character in the film and their sexual relationship with

Through textual analysis I discovered that in three of the main themes
excluding the latter there had been significant development. Comparing
two of the themes:Bond relationship and treatment of the women and
their importance to the plot in films throughout the franchise, I
found that in earlier Bond films throughout the Sean Connery era (Dr
No. to Never say never again) and the beginning of the Roger Moore era
up to The man with a golden gun, generally showed Bond girls in a more
subordinate role to Bond. In Goldfinger Bond slaps a girl on the
bottom and tells her "man talk!" when his fellow agent arrives
prompting her to leave, exhibiting her unimportance....

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