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The Change Of Wang Lung's Attitude

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Though Wang Lung has his had a concubine. He persists on keeping the land and did not want to sell it even though his family was starving. He has more bad points than his good points. Now I will explain why Wang Lung is a bad man.

Money was a main factor in Wang Lung's attitude which changed completely many times because of his wealth. At the beginning of the story Wang Lung is a poor farmer who always thinks carefully about how he spends his money. As he was a poor farmer, Wang Lung was filled with fear when he first approaches the House of Hwang to collect O-Lan . On his second visit, Wang Lung is already prospering from his crops. This behavior is in contrast to the beginning of the plot, where he is reluctant to drink tea because it is expensive. When O-Lan asks Wang Lung if she should put tea leaves in his father's hot water, he would have liked to say, "`Certainly there must be tea leaves. Do you think we are beggars?'”. However, he does not want O-Lan to think that they are poor, so instead he makes an excuse, "`Tea? No no it makes my cough worse.'". These two incidents illustrate how wealth can affect a person's outlook. Clearly, Wang Lung's attitude has changed because of his newly earned wealth.

Wang Lung was also in love with another woman who was Lotus. He took her as a concubine even though his father strongly disagreed. O-Lan’s contributions are valuable, although she wasn’t as attractive as Lotus, O-Lan never uttered a single complaint about the hard work. Wang Lung did not care about O-Lan after...

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