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The Changeover Essay

2072 words - 9 pages

"Hey, why don't you clean yourself up first?" Jennifer suggests, when we reach her house.

I nod, weakly.

She rummages through her closet, then hands me a change of clothes.

"Here. Get changed into this, after you're done," she adds.

I enter their bathroom and take a look at myself through the wall mirror, which is placed at the top of the bathroom tap and its basin.

As I expected, I look like a real mess. The bits of egg shells are on my hair, the raw eggs; the egg whites and the yolk are spluttered onto the sides of my face, my neck and my arms- basically, everywhere.

I use some tissue paper to wipe it off. I stare at it, as it absorbs the color of the yellow and the white, like a blob of paint being cleaned off. The only difference seems to be that, the eggs feels stickier on my skin and they stink much more. This foul odor is probably because they threw rotten eggs at me.

No wonder they stink so bad.

I push through the door of the shower enclosure, to completely clean myself up. As the hot water drips down to my face, I shut my eyes, starting to recall what happened.

I hate myself.

I hate Roxanne- but I hate myself even more.

I loathe how I can't exactly stand up for myself.

I despise the way how people look down on me- laughing at me, creating jokes about me.

If only... if only I was prettier. If only I wasn't overweight.

If only, I was more confident of myself.

Would everything, and everyone around me...



When I use the towel to ruffle through my wet hair, Jennifer taps her hand on her couch, telling me to take a seat next to her.

I slowly take a seat, then I start fidgeting, as the quietness fills the air.

She gazes at me, with a concerned look.

"Why couldn't they be nicer and throw some fresh eggs at me, instead of rotten eggs?" I say, jokingly, breaking through the silence.

Jennifer lets out a deep sigh.

She quietly tells me, "Kylie, I know that you have a habit of hiding your emotions, but don't do this now. Just admit it."

I twitch.

It's true.

I don't like it when people get worried about me- I feel like I'm creating more problems for them.

How does she know me so well?

"Is it... Roxanne, who did that?" Jennifer gives a guess.

I helplessly nod.

Jennifer starts murmuring swear words, under her breath.

Jennifer is aware of Roxanne's personality, and the way how Roxanne treats me. She has seen Roxanne mocking me, then ditching me with her new friends before. I remember Jennifer coming up to me, then starting to console me.

That's exactly how we first met.

I start telling Jennifer what Roxanne has done to me, this past few months- from her hooking up with my date, Jake- till today's incident; faking to be my secret admirer then egging me in the gymnasium with her group of friends, thinking that it's hilarious.

Jennifer exclaims with rage, "That b!tch. She doesn't even deserve to be called a b!tch. She... she's... a monster."

I sigh and reply, "It's all done now, Jennifer. It's too late to do...

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