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The Changes Eppie Make To Silas' Life

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The Changes Eppie Make to Silas' Life

In order to understand the changes that Eppie made to Silas' life we
must first understand the kind of man he had become. We can do this by
examining why and how he has been mentally hurt in his early life.

Silas originally led a very religious life in the church, he was happy
and contented. Silas had friends and a fiancée whom he loved. This all
led to disaster as his best friend William also loved his fiancée.
Silas has a disorder which causes him to have cataleptic fits at
irregular times. One day Silas had a cataleptic fit while he is caring
for the senior Deacon in the Church. William then betrayed Silas by
coming into the room of the Deacon and stealing the Deacon's money by
prising open the safe with Silas' knife. Then, when Silas comes out of
his fit, he finds the Deacon dead. He calls for help. Later the Church
discovers the money has gone and Silas' knife was used to open the
safe. Silas is charged with robbery and humiliated in front of
everyone, including his fiancée, Sarah. 'The lots declare that Silas
Marner was guilty' (9.13). Silas is cast out from the church and told
never to return. He is aghast and feels that he has been let down by
God, 'But you may prosper, for all that: there is no just God that
governs the earth righteously, but a God of lies, that bears witness
against the innocent' (2.14).

Silas goes home and sits in self-pity too sad to weep and trying to
decide whether or not to go and persuade Sarah that he was innocent.
Marner then goes back to weaving but does not leave his room, the
minister and the deacon brought him a message from Sarah renouncing
their engagement. Silas never saw any one but did come to hear that
his Sarah was getting married to William. Marner left immediately, his
life in tatters and forever stained with this misfortune.

On his travels Silas comes upon a small village called Raveloe and
settles down just outside the town beside the stone pits, making a
living from weaving. He came into Raveloe but once a week to buy food,
cloth, and sell his wares. Silas lives a life of solitude and
loneliness for fifteen years talking too few people and not
socialising at all 'minds that have been unhinged from their old faith
and love, have perhaps sought this Lutheran influence of exile'
(2.15). The town's folk come to see and think of him as a reclusive
man, someone who is just thought of as scary even though he has never
done anything to hurt anyone. Silas became obsessed with his money. He
spent very little but made quite a lot out of his weaving. The
highlight of the day would be getting the two large bags out from
under the floor boards and counting his money piece by piece, in
silence, completely obsessed.

One day Silas left the house without locking it, to fetch some twine
for his...

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