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The Changes Of Advertising Essay

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Over the last 50 years we have become addicted to watching television. It is the way that we get the daily news and how we get our entertainment. But what bugs us the most about watching television? For me, it’s when your watching a suspenseful movie on television and then all of the sudden there is a commercial break. Advertisements are what keep the television station running and funded. But what if there was some device that would allow us to fast forward through all of the commercials and skip the advertisement. Well, there is such a thing, being able to record shows and movies on television and allows us to skip all the commercials. But with this new system of recording shows and ...view middle of the document...

(AdAge) Advertising started to become a big enough deal that there started to become advertising agents that would help you get your ad into newspapers.
In the late 1800’s a new form of communication has developed, the radio. According to the Federal Communications Commissions, the radio was first developed in 1891 and was first used in ships to ensure better reliability in communications. By the early 1900’s, radios began to show up in people’s homes. (FCC) With a new form of technology and a way to communicate, means that there is another way that advertising companies would be able to advertise and get there message across. Back in the early days, at night there wasn’t a lot of entertainment and things that people would be able to do. Family’s spent hours sitting around the radio and listening to people talk. If people were going to sit around the radio and listen to it, what a perfect opportunity for radio stations to play advertisements. And that is exactly what they did. It took all the way until 1922, for radio stations to realize that they could make a profit by selling talk time on the radio. (AdAge) AT&T radio station, WEAF, sold 10 minutes of live airtime to anyone that would pay $100. (AdAge) Advertising on the radio didn’t take off very fast due to The Great Depression, but it revenues by Radio, surpassed revenues by magazines in 1938. (AdAge)
It wasn’t far from the invention of the radio, came the invention of the television. Philo Taylor Farnsworth created the television in 1927. (Emmy TV Legends) It wasn’t until the early 1930’s where there were able to transmit very fuzzy images of music and dance to television, and not until 1939 where there was the first TV studio. (Emmy TV Legends) The first TV studio was created by RCA that was called NBC. (Emmy TV Legends) It wasn’t long after the start of the television came the advertisements that aired on it. Just 3 years after the creation of the TV studio, advertisements for war ran across televisions everywhere. (AdAge) The War Advertising Council, which is now called the Advertising Council, spent about $350 million dollars on promoting and advertising wartime efforts. (AdAge) TV’s were expensive to own. Only wealthy people were first able buy television but by the time color television came along, advertising had completely changed. Advertising companies were able to record their commercials and replay them over the air. In 1988 Sony created a VHS, which allowed television viewers to record television. (New York Times) At first viewers only recorded special news events. Television recording first became popular with the invention of the DVR or digital video recorder.
The DVR first started with the creating of TiVo. TiVo was first released in 1999. (TiVo) With DVR users were able to record practically anything that they wanted to...

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