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The Changes That Have To Be Made In Turkish Education System

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Turkish TV News's style has been changing rapidly since the establishment of TRT. Turkish citizens have been expecting a comprehensive agenda from the TV News, like the TRT news in the past, but especially in recent years, Turkish television broadcasters are trying to make news about new trends and social activities rather than political news, for gaining more popularity of Turkish society. The two main problems that have to be changed in the content of the Turkish TV news broadcasting are harmful programs that effect Turkish people's psychology and visual elements that contain ...view middle of the document...

Visual elements in the News have significant power on audiences as a consequence of Turkish citizens' habit of merging what they see, with their personality. First, Crime news has been leading the percentage in the Turkish TV News and this news instigates the citizens to commit a crime. For minimizing the criminal risk for the citizens, news programs' directors have to express the punishments which were given to the criminals. Also, Revealed violence in TV news can cause fear alienation and encouragement for terrorist activities. For preventing this threat, the band that contains violence can be cut by display editors. On the other hand, some news makers have to be warned by the TV critics for trying to express the crime or the violent situation by using dramatic sentences. Also showing a suicide or a scene where a person killed can be shocking for the audiences, so these circumstances have to be forbidden by a law to protect the psychology of Turkish citizens.In Conclusion, the possible changes on inadequate and harmful content of the news and visual elements that contains violence would be very useful for the Turkish News productions stage. When those problems would be eliminated, Turkish society will have an opportunity to have an accurate knowledge about the up to date events.

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