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The Changes Within The Film Industry 1990 2004

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Technological and Social Change in HollywoodA Brief History of FilmFilm, as an industry, came to be in 1893 with the creation of the world's first film production studio, the Black Maria, in West Orange, New Jersey. Thomas Edison built the studio on the grounds of his laboratories, for he was the inventor of the first camera and projection equipment: the kinetograph and kinetescope, respectively.A French magician named Georges Melies was the first person to use artificially arranged scenes to tell a narrative story in his film Cendrillon (1899). The 1930s gave way to the introduction of sound in film. Consequently, movies took on a role as a form of entertainment.Technological AdvancesDreamWorks SKG, the entertainment company formed in 1994 by Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen, is the industry leader in digital animation. In February 1995, the New York Times reported that Silicon Graphics Inc. was likely to invest in a computerized digital studio with DreamWorks. That was a wise choice for Silicon; DreamWorks proceeded to produce colossal hits in the animation genre, such as Ants (1998) and Shrek (2001). DreamWorks proved that digital animation evolved from drawn characters to having characters completely computer-generated. The difference is apparent with the success of movies such as Shrek, the first ever winner of the Academy Award for Best Animated feature film in 2002.Ten years ago, the film industry's biggest problem was trying to introduce digital options to its filmmakers. Now, the industry faces a bigger problem: the stealing of its work by Internet piracy. But not everyone in the industry agrees that the Internet can be viewed as an enemy. Film producer Peter Guber predicted "an 'enormous' future for the business-to-business applications of moving-image media over the Internet as an adjunct to existing communications." Guber also noted, "It is imperative that filmmakers have an international perspective when producing for global markets," a feat easily accomplished by utilizing everything the Internet has to offer.Social Changes - Women in HollywoodThe biggest social change to hit Hollywood in the past 10 years is women working in the film industry. Women are entering the entertainment industry's workforce in all areas; from camera staff and lighting technicians to the Hollywood executives that decide which films get made. Over the past year, the film industry started "a new drive to increase the number of women...working in the film industry...because of the obvious need for change." Head of Diversity of the United Kingdom Film Council Marcia Williams believes this change is necessary because "studies have shown that there is a direct link between good diversity policies and improved performance of an organization. Diversity is a catalyst for creativity and innovation and it's vital that such a highly competitive industry makes the most of the talent available across all sections of the population." Martha M....

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