The Changing Landscape Of College Football

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The NCAA's mission statement is as follows: "Our purpose is to govern competition in a fair, safe, equitable and sportsmanlike manner, and to integrate intercollegiate athletics into higher education so that the educational experience of the student-athlete is paramount."

It is clear that the NCAA has lost sight of their mission statement. In the last few years, the NCAA has gone from questionable to despicable. The best interest of the student-athlete is not a priority.

With that said, going to a pay-for-play system will mean certain death for college sports as we know it. Remember, this is not a matter of simply paying football players. Because of title IX regulations, schools would ...view middle of the document...

However, teams like Mississippi State and Ole Miss would find it hard to keep up. Moreover, schools like Southern Miss would have to slice most sports programs.

With that said, there is plenty the NCAA can do to make sure their mission statement is fulfilled without bankrupting the majority of schools. They could start by simply being fair to the student-athlete.

They should change scholarships from being renewed on year-by-year bases to a multiyear agreement. The current rule stands as one of the most puzzling in all of sports.
Currently, the players have to make a four-year commitment to the Universities. However, the colleges only have to make a one-year commitment to them. This allows coaches to pass out scholarships like they are candy with little repercussion. The player, on the other hand, will have to sit out a minimum of one calendar year if they change their mind.
Make no mistake about it—Coaches are currently taking full advantage of this situation. Not only do coaches not renew scholarships but also they use it as negotiating grounds when they are encouraging a player to transfer or take a medical scholarship.
Anything short of requiring that sports scholarships are four-year agreements is unfair to the student-athlete. The only way that contract should be broke is if the player breaks a moral contract.
Some argue that academic scholarships are based on performance, so athletic scholarships should be as well. However, thousands of people are not paying money to pile into the library to watch them study.
It is the coaches who are making the money, so if they misevaluate a high school player, they should suffer the penalty, not the athlete.
Secondly, the NCAA needs to work with all member-institutions to help them bridge the gap between what's covered in an athletic scholarship and the actual cost of attending college. A similar motion with a $2000 stipend was approved in 2011,but was later tabled after more than 160 Division I schools signed a petition objecting citing financial hardships as the reason for their objection.
Regardless of the cost, the NCAA makes over 6-billion dollars a year....

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