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The Changing Nature Of Knowledge Essay

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“That which is accepted as knowledge today is sometimes discarded tomorrow.” Consider knowledge issues raised by this by this statement in two areas of knowledge.
Knowledge is ever changing in the world therefore the acceptance of knowledge changes daily. The issues raised by the statement are determined by what determines the acceptance of knowledge. In ethics, people decide the acceptance of right and wrong. People change everyday and such change alters the acceptance of what is right and wrong in ethics. Meanwhile in natural sciences, evidence supports what is knowledge until new evidence alters the current knowledge, discarding prior knowledge. Therefore, in ethics and natural ...view middle of the document...

Reason for is because the collective group voting for or against capital punishment is comprised of single individuals who casted their votes to change rulings that heavily influence the ethical implications of capital punishment. Thus with justification, an individual is who decides whether or not something well be accepted as ethical or not.
This is also present in the ethical implications of domestic surveillance. Domestic surveillance in the United States is driven by the emotion of fear; specifically the fear of terrorism. The goal behind domestic surveillance is to protect the lives of citizens residing in the United States from acts of terrorism, but in doing so the citizens also feel violated as domestic surveillance is an invasion of privacy. Thus it brings to question, is it ethical to obtain personal data on people in an attempt to protect the majority? The government as a collective group, views that domestic surveillance is justified and is ethical because it does not profile its citizens by race,religion, or ethnicity. Although the argument can be made that a majority of the terrorist acts are committed by groups affiliated to specific profiles therefore profiling will occur in the end results. For example:
The 9-11 terrorist attack was caused by Al-Qaeda
Al-Qaeda members are Muslim
9-11 attacks were by Muslims
Although this is not a case, its been shown that people who are Muslim or even carry the trait have difficulty moving around the United States. This proves racial profiling is present thus this would also be the case with domestic surveillance. The government with support continues to use domestic surveillance. So those with power or influence can easily take advantage of a way of knowledge such as emotion and justify something as ethical while others may view it as otherwise because the majority were influenced to view that it is ethical.
In natural sciences, there are many pieces of information that are considered as facts until debunked, altered, or modified. For example, before this idea was investigated it was common knowledge that the earth and universe was created by an unknown being or beings. In biology class, it was discussed that acceptable answers to how the universe came to...

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