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The Changing Ways Of Science Essay

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The purpose of the question is to ask about the extent of which knowledge is subject to review and revisions over the course of time. At the current time as a people we believe we have the true and correct facts. However from a different perspective gained by scientific advancement these facts become subject to review in the light of new evidence as a result of discoveries made new technology. The Areas of Knowledge that will be looked into arc natural the natural sciences, the human sciences, and how these areas have change over the course of history. Because these areas are were change takes place and change means new ideas, and new ideas means changing ideas about knowledge. New knowledge changes the facts of today, and the ideas of old are forgotten in favor of the new idea. The knowledge issue that will investigated is how new scientific information changes what we know about the knowledge of today will be discarded because of new information.
Since man fist discovered purposes for fire there has been scientific advancement. This advancement fuels the change that drives the world develop new technology. This technology is always aimed in improving the way something was done, or developing a new way of doing things that is superior to the old way. Another purpose of science is to attempt to discover the answers to the great mysteries of the world.
What is knowledge? Knowledge is based on the facts gained from scientific discovery. However this scientific discovery is limited to the beliefs and technology of the time it was “discovered”. Because it was always there people just had to discover it. These discoveries shaped the popular knowledge witch becomes the truth of the age. However because of limited technology and some of these discoveries and belief were not true. For example with microscopic bacteria no one can see them with the naked eye so how do you know it is there. For thousands of years people did not even know bacteria existed. Not until the invention of the microscope were bacteria observable. And even then it was a difficult idea for the masses to understand. But over time the belief change and people eventually accepted the idea and proven fact of bacteria.
Human Science is based on the observable truth about the human body. Sometimes with pseudoscience, this appears to be based on actual science but is not. An example of this from history and the human sciences is the four humors that were the thinking of popular medicine beginning with the ancient Greek doctors. In 1921 Fåhræus, a Swedish physician suggested that the four humors were based upon the observation of blood clotting in a clear container. When blood is left in clear container and left untouched for about an hour, four different layers can be seen.(World) A dark clot forms at the bottom or black bile. Above the clot is a layer of red blood cells or blood. Above this is a whitish layer of white blood cells or the phlegm. The top layer is clear yellow serum the...

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