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The Changing World Of Work Essay

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The Changing World of Work

For this assignment the aim of the report it going to focus and
explain on how such organisations benefit from career management and
in what ways career management benefits individuals. The demand for
excellent people is always high but the supply, unfortunately, always
falls well short of demand. The naturally excellent sales person,
manager, accountant and so on, is already working for someone else
perhaps in his or her own business and there is short fall for
experienced qualified individuals that some of these firms and
companies are looking for, so this assignment will explain how career
management is very beneficial for people planning there career and how
it is helpful.

Whether you’re setting new goals for your future or re-evaluating your
career, having a “plan” is crucial to proper career management; it’s
like setting out a road map to get you to a new and exciting

When looking for a change of career many organisations will look for
experience and knowledge people to ensure they are the right person
for the job.

Many careers are mostly open to Graduates and so it is worthwhile
getting a degree, as this would boost your abilities and push you in
the right direction. In most cases the degree gives you training in
being literate, numerate, computer literate, able to precise
information, able to use libraries and electronic data basis, able to
give short talks, able to produce high quality reports using a word
processor etc.

Through career management an individual will benefit by gaining skills
such as personal learning style, planning skills, employability
skills, career interests, career values and team role(s) and improve
on your strength and weaknesses which makes you more aware of your
future planning and takes responsibility for the success of your
career. When you start your career planning, or access the
University’s careers guidance service, you should remember it is not
just about helping you to choose a career or find a job. It is equally
about equipping you with the skills and attitude to seek out
information and to become more self-confident and self-reliant. Career
management benefits you to develop a clear understanding of what you
are good at, what you like doing and equally what you don’t and to
understand your own values and aspirations, to weigh up the pros and
cons of a course of action and to plan for the future. It is not
simply a case of the job you can get with a particular degree, but
more importantly it is about what job and career you want to pursue
and why.

In many cases this will enable you to get your first job. It will be a
job, where you will have to work hard for relatively little pay, but
you will gain work experience. After 18 months to two years you will
probably change jobs...

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