The Chaos And Division Of Asia's History

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The assigned readings about Asian history lead a unified conclusion that the past (history) of Asia was characterized with chaos and internal divisions. “China, once again entered an era of divisiveness and chaos. Competing warlords dominated China for the next 350 years” (The Golden Age of China: 79). China is a perfect symbol of Asia’s history because if studied from the past, the history of China demonstrates how divisions took place in the country’s political and economic spheres. China’s history reveals how the religion led to emergence of chaos in the country. This shows that religion, in the history of Asia, was more divisive than uniting when individual countries considered their religions as different. Religious harmonization of Buddhism and Daoism was important to ending the wars that emerged from the struggle for influence between kingdoms (The Golden Age of China: 80). The main reason for religion causing division in Asia’s history was because of competition between two main religions, Buddhism and Daoism. Asia’s history did not have divisions that lasted forever. Certain historical events, especially the emergence of the Sui dynasty in China was crucial in unifying Asians. Leadership approach, especially Yang Jian’s, was critical in the unification of China. Art and philosophy were important aspects in the history of China according to the findings of this paper’s analysis. These aspects were used as part of the historic leadership styles in the continent. Asia’s history also has an aspect of patriarchal leadership, with only one woman becoming an emperor in China.
Asia’s history had conflicts that led to the rise and fall of different dynasties. The collapse of Han dynasty affected the political and economic systems of China. The dynasty had been the main uniting factor. When it collapsed, China became chaotic for a period of 350 years. This reveals how the Han dynasty had a critical role in uniting Asia, especially China. The main reason for China becoming chaotic when the Han dynasty collapsed was because there were war lords who were competing to become influential when the dynasty ended. Initially, Chinese had coexisted well under one rule. However, three powerful dynasties emerged after the Han dynasty, forming three kingdoms of Wei, Shu, and Wu. An element of democracy started getting into China’s politics, though at the time of the three dynasties, the kings had amassed power through their naval strength. The fact that power was divided from one kingdom to three, however, shows decentralization of influence, which is an element of democracy. The formation of the three dynasties in China did not offer any practical solution to the chaotic situation in the country. This disapproves the imagination that democracy was growing in the country. If it was indeed democracy, then its growth had not ended. This is because after the formation of the three dynasties, political division in China widened even further. No powerful dynasty...

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