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Brad drove his car up the winding driveway and parked under the overhang of the hotel. The car in front of them contained another guest loading suitcases on a gold luggage cart.
“Will you be okay?” Brad asked.
Tara rubbed her fingertips against her forehead. “Why are Tom’s secrets all coming out today?”
Brad shook his head. “In fairness to Tom, this latest information was kept a secret from him too.”
“He must have formed a relationship with his birth mother at some point of his life, otherwise how would she have known about his accident?”
Brad considered this. “Maybe she kept tabs on him without his knowledge.”
“Was the accident in the paper?”
Brad shrugged. “I haven’t been home long enough to find out.”
“You’re right.” Tara turned in her seat and looked at him. “I continue to take advantage of your generosity.” She opened the car door. “How are you feeling?”
“Go home and rest,” she told him.
“I’m fine. The doctor prescribed some fantastic pain medication.” He grinned.
“You should not take pain medication and drive. Now I’m worried.”
“I’m not going home,” he told her. “I live an hour away and am too tired to take the drive.”
“Let’s go inside and see if we can get you a room for the night.” Her features grew serious. “I wish I could afford to pay for your room.”
“Don’t worry about it. I’ll bill it as a business expense. After all, I was injured on the job.”
“I realize you are on pain medication and this is probably a bad idea, but may I buy you a drink,” Tara asked.
Brad looked at his watch. “What the heck. I have six hours before I’m expected in work. You order the drinks and I’ll park the car.
She closed the car door and headed inside the hotel. The darkened bar sent a rush of disappointment through her.
“We close the bar at eleven from Sunday through Thursday.” The perky redhead in customer relations informed her.
“Is there any way I can get a couple of drinks. It’s been a bad day and I need something.”
“Room service will deliver to your room.”
“I have a friend joining me. Will they deliver it to the lobby?”
“They sure will,” she said, pointing Tara to the house phone located by the elevators.
Tara placed the order over the phone and sat down on one of the couches in the lobby. When Brad arrived, she signaled to him by waving her arm in the air.
“Bar’s closed, huh?”
She nodded. “I ordered drinks through room service.”
He settled down in the arm chair across from her.
“Tell me about Brad Langston,” she said. “A lack of details on my husband’s part makes you mysterious.”
Brad laughed, then grabbed his chest and moaned. “That hurt.”
“Stop cracking yourself up,” she teased.
“I’m rather boring,” He admitted. “I am either working or sleeping. There isn’t time left for anything else.”
“Are you married?”
He shook his head. “I came close once. Three months before the wedding I ran into her and my cousin enjoying a romantic dinner together.”
She blew air into her cheeks. “That’s tough. Were you and your...

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