The Character Dante In "The Divine Comedy" By Dante Alighieri

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The character of Dante in The Divine Comedy who descended into the infernocaused me to stop and think about this awful place. As the reader I got to take animaginary journey with Dante to a horrible place where I do not care about going. WhileDante descended into hell I plan on ascending into heaven someday. Dante had a choiceto make whether or not to get back on the right path. It came down to heaven or hell -choose.I think it was willed for Dante to see this place while he was still living. Byseeing hell while he was alive Dante could be sure and make the right choices to find hisway back to the straight path. Being on the right path in his lifetime would ensure hewould not spend eternity in such a miserable place. I believe the whole purpose of thisjourney into hell was to let Dante see the anguish there and choose. Perhaps this was adivine warning. In Canto 2, Beatrice, the symbol of Divine Love, an angelic spirit wassent to help aid Dante from his error and help him return back. This is purely love andcompassion at its best. Sending someone into hell to rescue another person out of there.Great lengths were taken to help Dante return back to the straight way. I do not believesuch action was taken if Dante was to end up in hell all along.For some reason midway in Dante's life's journey he had gone astray and at thispoint was searching for answers. I guess hell was as good a place to start the search asany place. Something for sure had led him astray and Dante was going to find out whatit was. Strange...

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1917 words - 8 pages . (Dante. 5-40). Dante states that he and Virgil come to the edge of a cliff, where they see lustful sinners being ripped back and forth by powerful hurricane force winds. Dante likened them to cranes which were unable to fly against the wind, and their cries of woe were carried like that of a bird in the sky. (Dante 5-58). Virgil told Dante of the many famous people who were stuck in this circle, they included, Cleopatra, Helen of Troy and Dido. A

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2437 words - 10 pages DANTE ALIGHIERI (1265 Firenze - 1321 sepolto nella chiesa di San Pier Maggiore a Ravenna)1)Vita.La sua attivita' poetica comincia dopo il 1290, mentre la sua attivita' pubblica dopo 1295, quando si iscrisse all'arte dei medici (per il legame che allora univa filosofia e medicina), appunto per poter partecipare alla vita pubblica. Ebbe vari incarichi e sedé piu' volte nei Consigli del Comune. Nel 1300, Firenze si divisero, all'interno del

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1885 words - 8 pages Judgment, a term used in Christianity to refer to someone’s soul, heart and their deeds. Dante Alighieri was the first person to judge people and put them in Hell for their deeds and actions in life. The book, Dante’s Inferno, explores morality and judgment. It is a book that truly says, “The punishment fits the crime.” It explores the deeds of people such as William Howard Taft, King John, Otto von Bismarck, and Nostradamus. These people are in

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876 words - 4 pages Divine Comedy (Divina Commedia), Vita Nuova, and De Vulgari Eloquentia. He released most of his works in the fourteenth century, and they have stood the test of time, having been translated into 175 languages multiple times. He has been named Il Sommo Poeta, meaning The Supreme Poet. Also, he has been considered the father of the Italian language. Dante Alighieri was born in May/June of 1265, from a family of lower aristocracy, or a

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1522 words - 6 pages she became his muse. She is a focal point in his works, including La vita nuova(The New Life) and La divina commedia(The Divine Comedy). Dante's education remains an unknown, however his writing skill and knowledge make it evident that he was well schooled. It is thought that he attended Florentine schools but also continued learning on his own. He seemed to be influenced greatly by Brunetto Latini, who has a large part in The Divine Comedy. His

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728 words - 3 pages Beatrice.Around the time of Beatrice's death, Dante began a serious study of philosophy and intensified his political involvement in Florence. He held a number of significant public offices at a time of great political unrest in Italy. In 1302, he was exiled for life by the leaders of the Black Guelphs, the political faction in power at the time. All of Dante's work on The Comedy (later called The Divine Comedy, and consisting of three books: Inferno

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1505 words - 6 pages also continued learning on his own. Heseemed to be influenced greatly by Brunetto Latini, who has a large part in TheDivine Comedy. His early writings attracted the attention of Guido Cavalcanti, apopular Italian poet of the day, as Dante's skill became more defined the twobecame friends. It is also thought that Dante studied at the university in Bolognaaround the year 1285.He became involved in some political altercations, he joined the Guelphs,as

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842 words - 3 pages . They are both poets who, by depicting hell in their works, face the challenge of answering to blasphemy. This common thread is emphasized by the fact the passage about the Old Man is told in the Circle of the Violent Against God. The only way to be violent against God, i.e. to deny his existence, is through words. In this context, the Old Man shows how Dante and Virgil are united through their literary craft. Furthermore, Dante the poet very

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1160 words - 5 pages the other hand, Inferno by Dante Alighierdo does resort to more magically realistic traits that Woods describes.
 The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami certainly exemplifies irrefutable qualities of magical realism, the author raises more questions than answers and certain parts the ambience of the book show magical realism. Yet the fact that The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle does take place in a real city, tells of the exact dates (insert dates

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2165 words - 9 pages three of them presented the three main elements of the Florentine Society during the Renaissance, which were the "popolo vecchio, popolo grasso, and popolo minuto" (Symonds, p.5)The Divine Comedy was written during the period of Dante's exile from his native city of Florence. It was begun perhaps as early as 1307 and the Inferno was complete by 1314. Dante worked on the remaining two thirds of the poem, the Purgatorio, and the Paradiso, in the

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1779 words - 7 pages jewel of Dante’s illustrative text was the pilgrim’s development from a pure human being to one filled with evil and hatred after seeing Hell’s truths and how he changed negatively from his exposure. These clues left by Dante display show the reader the precise reason why the Church is debauched and how it affected its misguided people. Works Cited Alighieri, Dante. “The Divine Comedy: Inferno”. The Norton Anthology: World Literature. Volume B

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