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The Character Of A Black Swan

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Carol Moseley-Braun stated that “Defining myself, as opposed to being defined by others, is one of the most difficult challenges I face.” However if I didn’t define myself for myself (Audre Lorde) I would find my uniqueness subjected to other’s realities and perceptions of me. I search for my place in this world and I try to find who I am, however i can’t seem to understand why I am so different. I start to revert back to advice a friend gave me. She said be who you think you are because in this world you don’t find yourself you create yourself. So i think about my past and where I am now, and I come to the conclusion that I am extraordinary, I am spectacular, I am a black swan. A black ...view middle of the document...

You would think coping with this would be easier the second time around, but this news had come a bit too soon. It hadn’t even been two years since my father received this same news and I remember how I felt, my world was collapsing, I was devastated? My mother had cancer. All these emotion rushed into my mind at once and my life stood stagnate. However, I had to get it together, i’d been in tough situations before, and I managed to pull through. I could get through this. It was my job to be strong for my mother, she had enough to worry about, like where our next meal was coming from, or how she would get to work the next day. I had to be the strong one, again. Who would have thought that this much turmoil could be present in someones life, no one could have even predicted all of the obstacles I had gone through. Black Swans can be triggered by their being unexpected.

Although i have had to face many challenges in my life I still manage to get through and inspire change. I continue to attend school and keep my grades up. I am top my class, and I cannot give that up because my family is below the poverty line and barely surviving. I have to continue to motivate young people to work hard for their goals no matter what. I remind them of the sentiment stated by Lupita Nyong’o “ no matter where you come from your dreams are valid.” I maintain a level head and keep pushing on because I am the center of support for this family. I encouraged my mother to continue her education because knowledge is the ultimate key. I am bullied on a regular basis for anything that makes me who I am, I cannot falter or let that affect my destiny. I can cry when no one is watching, but now I have to become what my experiences have molded me to be, strong minded, driven, smart, and extraordinary. I...

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