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The Character Of Brutus In Julius Caesar

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The Character of Brutus in Julius Caesar


      Brutus was a very important character in the play Julius Caesar

written by William Shakespeare. He helped plan a plot against one of the

most powerful people in Rome and killed the king to be. Brutus was well

renowned for his deep thinking, his honor, and most importantly, his

belief in stoicism.


      Brutus's stoic qualities played a major role in his character. He

trusted his wife Portia very much. In fact, he trusted her so much that he

was even going to tell her about the plot against Caesar.


          "You are my true and honorable wife,

          As dear to me as are the ruddy drops

          That visit my sad heart"

          ( II, i, 289-290)


She cared very much for him. She was willing to slice her thigh open just

to prove her loyalty and trustworthiness to her noble husband. He also

cared very deeply about his wife and he loved her very dearly.


          "O ye gods,

          render me worthy of this noble wife!"

          ( II, i, 303-304)


Because of his profound stoicism, Brutus did not seem to show his

graditude much when Portia killed her self. He simply drank wine to get

ride of the pain and told Cassius to never speak of his wife again.


          "Lucius a bowl of wine!

          I did not think you could have been so angry,

          O Cassius, I am sick of many griefs.

          Of your philosophy you make no use

          If you give place to accidental evils.

          No man bears sorrow better. Portia is dead.

          Ha! Portia!

          She is dead.

          How 'scaped I killing when I crossed you so?

          Oh, insupportable and touching loss!

          Upon what sickness?

          Impatient of my absence,

          And grief that young Octavius with Mark Antony

          Have made themselves so strong for with her death

          That tidings came with this she fell distract,

          And, her attendants absent, swallowed fire.

          And died so?

          Even so.

          O ye immortal gods!

          Speak no more of her. Give me a bowl of wine.

          In this I bury all unkindness, Cassius."

          ( IV, iii, 141-158)


      The people of Rome respected Brutus greatly. The conspirators

thought very highly of him and wanted him to be part of their scheme

against Julius...

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