The Character Of Mitch In A Street Car Named Desire

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To what extent do you agree with the view that Mitch is dramatically presented as a two dimensional character that contributes very little to the tragic impact of the play.
Although Mitch does not have a main role in A Street Car Named Desire, he is certainly not a two dimensional character like Pablo or Steve. He is presented as a three dimensional character because throughout the play the audience develops a sympathetic bond with him through learning of his back story and then through the way Tennessee William’s describes his character, ‘with awkward courtesy’ this paints the picture of someone who is trying to do what is best but fails in his attempts. It also has the effect of showing the audience that Mitch was unlike the other men in the play as he is not as confident or crude and animalistic in behaviour especially compared to Stanley who William describes as having ‘animal joy implicit in his being’.
The first time Blanche and Mitch meet Mitch reveals part of his tragic past, ‘the girl is dead now’ through the fact that Mitch still carries the lighter around with him shows how important the ‘girl’ was to him. This helps to create sympathy with the audience. Also from this point onwards we are able to see a tragic similarity between Mitch and Blanche because they have both lost someone they loved- it appears when they were young, you can infer this because both characters use nouns such as ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ which have conations of youth. With Mitch’s past tragedy exposed and Mitch being left vulnerable William’s enables the audience to empathise with him and thus we as an audience feel closer to him and it makes the ending tragic as we can see that he needs Blanche just as much as she needs him. The sympathy the audience feels for Mitch is also developed through William’s use of stage directions. He is constantly described as being awkward or being associated with phrases with awkward or uncomfortable connotations; ‘heavily’ ‘Mitch gets up awkwardly’. There is a contrast between the ways William’s describes Mitch and the other men. William’s makes the other men sound bestial and Neanderthal through using words like as ‘bawling’ ‘hurls’ ‘stalks fiercely’ which all have these implications. Whereas although he does not do it successfully Mitch does attempt to be more sophisticated, gentlemanly and polite. The other men have accepted that they are part of the ‘new south’ this can be seen through the use of bright colours in scene three, ‘solid blues, a purple, a red and white check, a light green’. This means that they are not as respectful to the women as Mitch is for example in scene three Stanley says, ’nobody is going to get up, so don’t be worried.’ However in scene three Mitch is part of the poker game showing that he is part of the new south, which perhaps indicated that the way he is acting towards Blanche is unnatural to him and explains his ineptitude at it. It also adds to the idea that their relationship was doomed from the...

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