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The main character in this novel, Odysseus has many great traits and without them, he would never have been able to see his family after a long journey that took almost 20 years. Some of the traits that Odysseus shows that he has throughout the book many times are loyalty, craftiness and intelligence. Being loyal is what keeps him going, and his craftiness and intelligence are what keeps him alive in some points and in others, just lets him continue the journey. When reading this you will learn how Odysseus uses his skills to get back home from a war in Troy, despite having to deal with many immortals and monsters. He would have never made it home without his traits.
Odysseus is a very crafty man, who can fool almost anyone. In many situations throughout his journey he made crafty decisions that saved the lives of both him and his men. One of his choices was when he decided to give the cyclops a lot of wine so he would not be able to stop them from leaving. Then he decided to blind the cyclops by stabbing him in the eye with a stake. Since he did this, he and his men were able to leave without losing any more men. This shows that he is crafty because instead of just going up and trying to kill the cyclopes right away, he planned first, and escaped by making sure the cyclops could not hurt them anymore and then leaving. “He offered the giant bowl after bowl of undiluted wine. When Polyphemus passed out drunk, Odysseus had them sharpen a tree trunk which they used like a battering ram to put out the Cyclops’s only eye.” (Pg. 35) Another way that Odysseus shows that he is crafty was when he was able to convince the powerful witch-goddess Circe to turn his men back into pigs. This was a big accomplishment, because Circe always turned the men who came to her island to men and had never turned anyone back before. This proves that he is crafty if he was the first person to ever be able to convince Circe to let the men become humans again. “How could I enjoy this feast? ---his lips tightened---My men are in your pigsty! If you really want to be kind to me, you’ll release them from your spell.” (Pg. 49) When Odysseus is testing his wife to see if she is still loyal, while at the same time acting like the beggar is another way that Odysseus shows how crafty he is. The way that he is still able to stay in character, even though he is with his wife who he hasn’t seen for many years and still test her loyalty shows that he is very crafty in many ways. One of the ways that he is crafty is that he could have just gone up to his wife and told her who he was, and shown how happy he was to see her again after all these years but instead, since he knows that it would put him and everyone else who was against the suitors in danger, so he kept in character. He was also very crafty because he found a way to subtly find out if Penelope was still loyal to him. “He paused, choosing his words. Wasn’t there a time---maybe just an instant---when you blamed your husband...

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