The Character Traits Of Chris Mc Candless

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Christopher McCandless is seen by many individuals as an inspiration, an inspiration to not be afraid. “Chris was fearless even when he was little.”(Walt McCandless) Chris’s father made a comment about how he believed Chris was fearless, Chris was a fearless individual even was he was just a young boy, he showed how he was fearless and brave, his strong character was acknowledged as a young age by his father and his family. How many people have packed up a few of their belongings and just took a journey into the wild? Chris did and he took nothing along just what he could carry on his back, he proved to many individuals that all you really need is yourself to get you through the tough ...view middle of the document...

In October director Sean Penn, directed a film called Into the Wild the film in to the wild was based on the outdoor genera book the John wrote based on Christopher McCandless. Christopher was an inspiration, an inspired for the film and the books that were based off of his outrageous and extremely dangerous journey. Society is now so dependent on cell phones, money, technology, but Chris proved that it is possible to be happy without those items. The average person analyzes their phones an average of 150 times per day not knowing the consequences of their actions. When Chris decided to leave he did not think about how he was going to take his laptop, cellphone, television with him all he worried about bringing along was supplies to survive. Chris proved that it is possible to survive, with little money, no technology just him and nature. Chris inspired the individuals who believe it is impossible to survive with little money, no technology. Christopher McCandless made having no connection towards society look possible for individuals to achieve. Chris shared his journey with people he met along the way, when Chris would tell his story they through he was out of his right mind for just taking this dangerous journey, The more Chris would tell his story the more people were intrigued to hear more. As they heard his story they would offer his some of their belongings because they were so inspired by the journey that he was talking that they wanted to help him with anything possible. He was an inspiration to those who did npt believe adventures and journey like the one he took were possible. Christopher McCandless was an outstanding individual, his character was brave and strong he proved that many ideas are possible. Chris was an inspiration; he inspired those who did not believe in the ways of nature.
Would a selfish person take advantage of those who reach out to provide them with help? Christopher McCandless was not a selfish person; throughout his journey Chris met some amazing individuals who were willing to hear his story. The individual he came across would offer Chris money, clothes, gear, shelter but he would not take anything that was handed to him. A selfish person would not share the marvelous adventures he had; a selfish person would keep those outstanding memories to himself. People would hear his story and felt amazed by the story he would tell, they would offer him money so he would reach his next destination. When Chris did take something from these people who offer he would try to repay them any way that he would. He was able to repay the people with object because Chris did not have anything to offer back to them but his memories and stores of his adventure to the Alaska terrier. He shared inspiration, adventure, in a way when Chris would tell his stories to the people he met along the way it was as if they were living through his adventures. The adventures that Chris had lived when he would tell them he would say them with a...

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