The Characteristics Of Florentine Painting As Reflected In The Work Of Masaccio

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The Characteristics of Florentine Painting as Reflected in the Work of Masaccio

The Italian Renaissance was one of the most productive periods in the
history of art, with large numbers of outstanding masters to be found
in many centres and in all the major fields painting, sculpture, and
architecture. In Florence, in the first half of the fifteenth century,
there were great innovators in all these fields, whose work marked a
beginning of a new era in the history of art. These innovators
included Masaccio in painting,

It was Masaccio (1401-28) who, in his brief and amazing career, was
the real successor of Giotto and revolutionized Florentine painting.
He too gave his figures a grave and noble dignity. His frescoes in the
Brancacci Chapel of the church of Santa Maria del Carmine in Florence
did much to determine the course of painting from that time on.

There are eight main classical characteristics of Florentine art,
which are displayed by both Masaccio and other artists are clearly
displayed in a variety of paintings of which I shall go into more
detail of three of them, although I will briefly refer to the other
eight for a wider knowledge and understanding of the revelation of the
Florentine work from the fifteen century. There is a greater
anatomical study to produce a higher standard of naturalism of figures
this is displayed my Masaccio in the baptism of Christ. Light is
exploited to give a sense of volumes to the figures; this is depicted
in the Masaccio’s Peter healing sick with his shadow. Naturalistic
settings in the way of substantial and persuasively coherent spatial
depiction, Masaccio shows this in the painting of the tribute money.
Artists consider an increasing amount, the relationship with the
spectator this is clearly shown in the picture of the trinity and
tribute money by Masaccio. Although Masaccio did not display this
particular characteristic in any of his known paintings many
Florentine artists made religious figures depicted with an individual
appearance. Again the painting of the Trinity depicts another
characteristic and that is that of adding weight by using classical
features and forms. There is a very strong depiction of emotions and
human feeling which is a very effective feature in paintings; again
Masaccio visibly portrays this in the expulsion from Eden. Last of all
there is a clear innovation and development of mathematical system of
perspective. This particular attribute is portrayed strongly in many
pictures of Masaccio’s , trinity, evangelic annunciation and ucceo

For my first charactersitic in which I will look more in depth into
will be the Innovation and development of mathematical and scientific
system of perspective. In the Renaissance, art and science were
closely connected. Both the artist and the scientist strove for the
mastery of the physical world, and the art of painting profited by two
fields of study that may be called scientific: anatomy,...

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