The Characteristics Of Women Managers Essay

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The Characteristics of Women Managers

Working women managers are more competent (capable) than male
managers, showing differences in management and leadership skills.

Janet Irwin co-author for the 1997 survey study of Women are better
bosses stated that "Women are stronger than men overall in both
interpersonal skills and managerial effectiveness".

Also studies showed that on average females are rated higher overall
than males in certain areas such as high productivity, meeting
schedules and deadlines, meeting commitments, recognising trends and
interpersonal side. Men and women scored equally on delegating
authority and men were rated higher in handling pressure and coping
with their own frustration.

Irwin had also stated that "While there has been much speculation
about the capabilities of women, research had shown that women
managers are more competent across the board than their male
counterparts. As women have historically been expected to play
supportive and co-operative role, women have learned how to manage
effectively without relying on the control of resources and power to
motivate other."

From rosemary Stewart (1963) wide-ranging study, Shattering the Glass
Ceiling: The Women manager, Marilyn Davidson and Cary Cooper (1992)
pointed out that women are not disqualified from management roles by
ability, personality or aspiration.

Women managers on the other hand, can have a combination of masculine
and feminine attributes know as "androgyny", which means being
decisive and emotionally expressive, independent and tender,
aggressive and gentle, assertive and yielding.

Women are not disqualified by personality from leadership positions.
Leaders qualities depends on the demands of the situation in which he
or she has to perform. The two main issues of the situation are the
people being led- the 'followers' and the tasks that they have to

Ragins and Sundstorm (1989) had discovered that women managers
demonstrated a greater need for socialised than for personalised


· Women, it is claimed by...

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