The Cheques Of Their Time Essay

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On September 3rd, 1903, Lawrence Exeter Jr. was born at Hollywood hospital. His mother, a famous silent film actress Marie G. Exeter and his father, a wealthy oil tycoon, Lawrence B. Exeter. Essentially, they were loaded, Junior was sent to a private school for boys when he turned five, and got a bike a year later, he had everything he could ever want, and in hindsight that was the beginning of his demise. When junior was ten it seemed like he was well liked, but he wasn’t he flaunted his status over all the poorer kids and he’d put down the few others that were richer than him. His parents regret not raising him right, always handing off to the nanny and not caring for him in general, ...view middle of the document...

Senior threw him the keys and told him “go for a ride”. And ride Junior did, all the way to the auto shop for he had gone through a stop sign too fast and t-boned another car, thankfully no one was hurt and, albeit reluctantly, Senior paid for the repairs. Junior became more careful after that, soon he was off to college, and to an Ivy League college at that. Meanwhile Senior went to France to put in more money into the bank where he kept his foreign accounts and where his mistress lived, which he gave generously to her.
Four years had passed since Senior had gone to France and came back. Junior had finished up college and upon speculation he only had gotten in since his father was one of their biggest donators, Junior passed by on the skin of his teeth and never looked back, trying to gain his parents acknowledgement, eventually left the house to junior and bought new land to build a house this cost was large. But in the end the house was a little less than a small castle, and the furniture from the renaissance furniture co. was a bit pricey, but Senior was rich, so it really didn’t matter. Senior had paid for a vacation to Hawaii to try to strengthen the extremely strained familial bonds, but...

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