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The Chicago Cubs are an interesting part of Illinois history, even if they are not always successful. The history of Wrigley Field, the famous players, and the stories behind every game are why Chicago loves the Cubs. It is the atmosphere of the friendly confines when you walk in through those gates. It is jumping out of your seat when the ball is being hit out of the park. It is things as little as singing the 7th inning stretch with all the other Cub fans around you. Rooting for the underdog is special, and that is why Cub fans are so loyal. The history, players, and stories of Chicago Cubs Baseball are the reasons why it is an important part of Illinois history.
Chicago Cubs baseball goes all the way back to April 25th, 1876 when they played the first game in the history of the Chicago National League Ball Club. However; at the time, they were not known as the “Cubs.” In general, they were known as the “White Stockings.” But a select few referred to them as the “Colts,” or “Orphans.” The team played in only five different locations in the 1800s because of the lack of places to play baseball at the time. As years went by, the league became popular, becoming one of the sports first dynasties. Chicago won six of the first eleven inaugural National League Championships (Cubs Timeline). In 1902, Frank Selee began managing Chicago to debut his managerial career. Just like managers, the name changed as well. A local newspaper penned the nickname “Cubs” for the first time. The name grew on people over time and was officially adopted in 1907. The year after that, victory arose in the city of Chicago. The season was filled with some of the greatest old-time baseball players. The batting line-up consisted of many good hitters and not just one outstanding one. They needed every win they could get that season with the New York Giants and Pittsburgh Pirates only one game behind them. There was only one division in the National and American League, and the Cubs were battling in the playoffs. Their main goal then was to beat the San Francisco Giants and to win the National League Division. The pennant race was determined by back and forth lead changes and one of the most controversial games in Major League Baseball history. This is known as the suspended game because an apparent victory by the Giants had to be replayed because of one simple mishap. Fred Merkle, a 19 year old first baseman failed to touch 2nd base on what would have been a game winning hit. Moose McCormick was on third base with two outs in the bottom of the ninth and would have scored the final run if Merkle had touched second base. The result of Merkle lead to a tie, which resulted in another game scheduled for October 8th. However, the Cubs pulled the second game off, and won the National League Division. It was an exciting playoff race with a dominating pitching performance by the Cubs, leading them to their 2nd back to back championship in the 1908 World Series. The game was played...

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