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Michael slammed the door behind him, sneakers pounding the concrete steps leading away from the flat. He could hear him shouting now, “She’s none of your business Michael; don’t you ever mention her again!” He thought that his mother was very much his business and couldn’t understand why his father refused to share her with him. Michael sat down on the cold metal bench of the bus stop until a bus screeched to a halt by his feet. He decided to get on and tried not to feel guilty for leaving his father like that; he loved him but enough was enough. He deserved to know more about his mother; She had died shortly after he had turned four years old, and Michael barley remembered her. All he had was a tattered photo.
It was about ten minutes or so into the drive when Michael realized something was wrong. The bus had stopped, but not just that, so had everything else. The cars out the window had suddenly paused with pedestrians frozen in mid stride. Michael shook his head and blinked hard but nothing moved. Confused, he stood up and strode slowly down the narrow isle and to where the driver sat, cup of coffee partway to his mouth. Michael waved his hand in front of the driver’s heavy lidded eyes but got no response; he stumbled down the metal steps, pushed the doors open and ran outside.
He backed up until his back touched something; Michael leapt back with a shout! Standing not four feet from him were two massive wolves. They were identical, both with glowing amber eyes and sleek silver fur. One of the creatures moved towards him; Michael swallowed and closed his eyes; instead of tearing his head off, the silver wolf spoke into his mind. “I am Tabellarius and this is my brother Nuntius; we are servants of the Tempore Domini. You will come with us.” Its voice vibrated through his bones making him shiver. Michael was trying to reassure himself that he was only dreaming, that or he needed to be seriously medicated. “You are not dreaming young one,” said the Wolf named Nuntius, “This is very real; the Tempore requires your presence.”
Michael shook his head and took a step back. The two wolves shared a glance and Tabellarius nodded. Nuntius lunged forward and grabbed Michael by the back of the jacket and swung him onto his back. Michael barely had time to hold on before the wolves started running. The reality of his situation was beginning to set in, that this wasn’t a dream, somehow it was real. Michael was both terribly frightened and incredibly curious. The wolves ground to a halt in the last place he would’ve expected, a public toilet.
Nuntius swung Michael off his back and set him shakily on his feet. “The Tempore lives in a public toilet?” Nuntius shook his fur, “don’t be stupid, this place is a gateway, can’t you tell?” Tabellarius gave his brother a harsh look and turned to Michael “This place holds a gateway, a portal that allows us to travel through the time streams; this is how we will travel to the Tempore Domini.” Michael looked around....

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