The Children May Suffer: The Negative Impacts Of Corporal Punishment

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The Children May Suffer: The Negative Impacts of Corporal Punishment
A young boy slowly makes his way to his mom, her scream urging him forward. He is almost to her side when he sees the shadow of her belt, he slowly backs away, he does not go far, as she quickly grabs him by his shirt. She then start to beat his hands with the belt, and then turns him around and starts spanking him on the behind. Throughout the whole time, the young boy’s eyes reflect fear, pain, and anger. Such corporal punishment is also known as spanking, beating, whipping, hitting, and sometimes even abuse. Although not all parents’ enforce corporal punishment to this extent, the reality of corporal punishment is that it should be the parents’ last resort. Parents should be aware of the negative effects of corporal punishment. Parents should exercise caution before turning to spanking as a form of discipline because of the negative impact it can have on a child’s social, emotional, academic, and behavioral development.
One area that spanking negatively impacts a child is in his or her social development. Social development is when a child learns to engage with his or her friends, family, and community. This is crucial in a child’s life because it helps a child to form friendships, learn how to play, share with other kids, and can even predict a child’s future behavior. Spanking can interfere with a child’s social development by inhibiting a child from establishing relationships with others which can then result in a child becoming antisocial. Research has shown that there is a positive association between kids who are spanked and end up antisocial when they grow up. Vuchinich and colleagues, author of Parenting, Peers and the Stability of Antisocial Behavior In Preadolescent Boys, explains that when parents give their kids physical discipline, they “may unintentionally” increase antisocial behavior “in their children” (qtd. In Grogan-Kaylor 153-162). Based on Straus and his fellow coworkers, parents who spanked their kids, played a significant role in aiding their children to become antisocial. Straus and his colleagues (1997) noticed that:
Children might differ in their initial temperament, and that parents might make the greater use of corporal punishment with children who exhibited higher levels of antisocial behavior…Even in the presence of the statistical controls afforded by these models, they found the parental use corporal punishment increased children’s antisocial behavior (qtd. In Grogan-Taylor 153-162).
A child’s antisocial behavior can even be connected to troubling behavior later on in life; Theresa Whitehurts’ research displays that parents who spank their kids can result in them ending up to be unsociable, afraid, “or more defiant,” and less successful “relationships” [qtd. In “Mom Says ‘Don’t Spank 7”]. If parent’s are resorting to spanking as their first option instead of positive reinforcement, then their children are more likely to become...

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