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"The Children Of Men" Essay

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Alfonso Cuarón’s movie “The Children of Men” depicts a catastrophic future for humanity. Although it is portrayed to show events in the future approximately the year 2027 what is interesting is that the society in which the people live in is very similar to the world we live in today. The buildings, stores, cars (although weird-looking) do not look at all fancy as one might think the future to look. Cuarón’s look on the future is not a positive, hopeful one as his movie foreshadows sorrows, miseries and gloom waiting to be welcomed into our world. His movie though does indeed go parallel with the political and societal events of today.
The story revolves around a world that is infertile and that there are no more babies being born for the past eighteen years. It is like he is predicting what is happening in the coming years as more and more women prioritize pursuing their careers over having babies. Also with the many diseases and wars happening in the world many lives are being lost, but women are also choosing to have abortion and putting their babies for adoption. The women in the movie are infertile meanwhile the men are fertile; foreshadowing that maybe because women are not having babies as they should this could be an environmental punishment or simply a punishment from God. In “The Children of Men” people if 2027 have lost all hope because there are not new generations coming to earth to start a new life and continue the past they have left. We live our lives today, producing children, inventing new technologies and strategies to make life easier and more enjoyable for those who are still arriving. For many of the people who belong to the present; life has no meaning if you are working for the better future.
Cuarón’s movie makes many political statements that relate greatly to events that are happening today. For example, the issue of immigration which has increased greatly in Great Britain and the United States. Many of these Western countries feel a threat that their cultures and traditions are being contaminated and hurt by immigrants and feel that in the coming future the true British for example might lose their identity. Also it shows what happens to immigrants in some of these countries; the way they are sometimes unjustly treated, accused and tortured.
I find it very interesting that people in the West are very awed by movies like Children of Men which depict political torture and refugee camps meanwhile the gloomy and bloody events that take place in the movie happen every day...

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