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Jay RichesTABLE OF CONTENTSPAGE 1: TABLE OF CONTENTSPAGE 2: EXECTUVE SUMMARY + THREATS/ISSUES AND OPPORTUNITES/TRENDSPAGE 3: S.W.O.T ANALYSIS + RECOMMENDATIONPAGE 4: BIBLIOGRAPHY Summary:This report shows the good and the bad of the infamous and famous chocolate industry. Research has been done on the threats and issues that face this industry but also highlight the opportunities and trends that are relevant to it. Showing strengths and weaknesses about the industry and also includes a recommendation by the author on what they think the chocolate industry should do next. All sources have been cited with in text referencing and a bibliography.Discuss the threats/issues and opportunities/trends relevant to the global chocolate industry:The most defiant threat that faces the chocolate industry is the fact that chocolate is running out, which means it will all become a luxury item; for the wealthy only. There is an estimated 7 years with continued "business as usual" that the world could find itself with a shortage of cocoa beans. "The industry is keeping it fairly quiet at the moment, but they're all looking very carefully at the situation over the next few years," said Angus Kennedy, a former chocolate taster for major manufacturers (Choc horror! Cocoa shortage, rising prices threaten chocolate bars, Alice Tidy, 19/10/2013). Another threat that will most likely affect this industry in the near future is the health concerns set out by governments, these restrictions and regulations will lead to less consumption. Sharing bags of smaller bars will become more popular as people will seek to limit the amount eaten in one sitting. (The Chocolate of Tomorrow, June 2012). A very big issue in this industry is the use of child labour out in Western Africa, they supply more than 70% of the world's cocoa market but take and use so many young children to do the dirty and dangerous work. These child labourers are paid nothing, and most are stolen from their family to work all day harvesting cocoa only to be sold at extremely low prices. Journalists have tried to uncover this issue to everyone but still some very large companies use these non-ethical methods such as Hershey's, Mars and Nestlé. (Slavery in the Chocolate Industry) certain opportunity that the chocolate industry will want to take hold of is the availability for a wider variety of outlets, from coffee shops to health food stores. This is all to cater for the convenience buyers. Premium chocolate could become something that is available in more mainstream stores as luxury buyers flourish. Certain brands could possibly want to look to move up in the chain by creating their own flagship stores (The Chocolate of Tomorrow, June 2012). Another opportunity that will face the chocolate industry is the ability to make their...

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