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The Chocolate War And Human Cruelty

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The Chocolate War & Human Cruelty Human cruelty, it is a very sad thing but it well expressed in Robert Cormiers book 'The Chocolate War'. Though this book is fictional it upholds many strong views, and gets at many real life type points. Jerry Renault is the main character of this book and I guess you could say he is not the most well liked kid in Trinity High school. For example, he had a lot of friends at first, being the quarterback for the football team and everything, but Jerry's life was soon to change. A secret group in Trinity High called the Vigils were a group based on intimidation, and enjoyed making peers miserable. The Vigils gave the students certain "tasks" to complete and Jerry was assigned a special one. In addition, there is a tradition at Trinity High to sell chocolates, and the Vigils got an idea for a certain task involving Jerry. They would decide to tell Jerry to stop selling the chocolates for 10 days, and then to make him start again after the ten days were passed. Jerry accepted this mission to avoid any confrontation but he did not know what this would eventually result in. After these ten days were completed he decided to continue to not sell any chocolates because the Headmaster, Father Leon interfered with these sales. Brother Leon did not like the fact that Jerry was rebelling so he called on the Vigils to make Jerry sell the chocolates again. For example, The Vigils again came to Jerry and told him they had a new mission for him, to again sell the chocolates. Jerry...

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516 words - 2 pages from behind, a vicious blow to the kidneys, sickening in its impact. His knees caved in and he sank to the ground again” (Cormier 189). Peck believes that “the only character that is true to himself is Jerry— but at a terrible price” (Peck 2). Moreover, the constant theme of being true to one’s self that is expressed in The Chocolate War is not displayed in a positive way. It can almost be seen as depressing. Throughout the entire novel, all

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