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The Choice Essay

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“How far should a person go in the name of love” (Sparks 255)? This one question was the base for Nicholas Spark’s book, The Choice, published by Grand Central Publishing in 2007. This fictional novel was written for young adults. It is part of the countless books Nicholas Sparks has written such as The Notebook, A Walk to Remember, and Safe Haven. The Choice is a structured novel, keeping the reader on their toes with its intricate descriptions of the characters and setting.
A small-town, adventure seeking man in Beaufort, North Carolina would describe Travis Parker precisely. Travis never had much of a desire to settle down and forget about the lifestyle he had at age thirty-two because he had exactly what he wanted. However, all of this would change when a new neighbor, Gabby Holland, moved in.
Gabby Holland, a goal setter that would put forth hard work to achieve anything, grew up with her mother’s intentions of being a lady; however, Gabby had always followed in her father’s footsteps of freedom. She had always wanted adventure, but never had the chance to experience it. With luck she had convinced her parents to let her attend PA school to assist in surgeries. There she had met her boyfriend, Kevin. Gabby’s plans had changed due to a doctor’s bribery, so Gabby ended up working in a pediatric office as a physician assistant.
These neighbors meet rather through fault than choice. Gabby abominated her neighbor for a while for his loud music; what really made her confront her neighbor though was she had surmised her purebred collie, Molly, was pregnant. One night, she marched over to Travis’ house entering through some hedges.
Focused as she was on her mission, she didn’t notice the tennis ball come flying toward her just as she emerged from the opening. She did, however, distantly register the sound of the dog galloping toward her-but only distantly-a second before she was bowled over and hit to the ground (Sparks 21)
Dizzy, Gabby rose to find a tall man with angled cheek bones, clean skin, brown hair, and white teeth; it was Travis. Gradually, she inveighed towards Travis with vitriolic words to show her concern. Travis listened and nodded as she continued to ramble on. When she was finished Travis had exhorted Gabby to take Molly to the vet to get her checked. Gabby wasn’t pleased but she agreed. Soon, Gabby had scheduled an appointment for Molly. When she got to the clinic, Gabby signed in and Molly was soon seen; however, Gabby could not believe her eyes when the veterinarian came in. It was Travis, and for the next two weeks she avoided him until she found Molly in the garage with a uterine prolapse from the birth. Gabby rushed to Travis’ house for help. Working together, they were able to contract the uterus back to its normal form. From that day on Gabby and Travis became closer. They went parasailing, motorcycling, and dining together, and began to fall in love. Gabby chose Travis over Kevin, and they got married. They had two,...

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