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Vegetarianism is a type of diet life choice that is personally made, a life decision that is made for health problems, environmental concerns, and ethical reasons. Vegetarianism is a right choice if you are down to earth, love animals, and enjoy the improvement of the environment. many reasons exists as to why a person would become a vegetarian and the search engine most of the time brings up the article about the sake of animals. Some people just think it is the most moral thing to do and do not like thinking of animals being slaughtered. Others believe that being a vegetarian is an unhealthy option but in reality vegetarianism actually helps prevent some of the most severe health problems. ...view middle of the document...

It is a danger to both the consumers of the product and the animals in question and should be stopped, for the health of many should overpower the greed of money.

Vegetarianism is a healthy choice nutritionally. You will easily meet your nutrition needs by eating certain foods. The diet its self is very safe as long as you consume enough calories to maintain your weight. Eating meat is not the only way to get your source of protein and iron. You can meet these needs by eating foods such as; Beans, tofu, greens , potatoes, whole wheat bread, dried fruits, and chard. In addition to that by eating foods that contain vitamin C help the body absorb more iron as you eat. Some may think that vegetarians do not get enough to eat, but the truth is there are actually a lot of vegetarian meals that are both healthy and filing. Meals such as eggplant Parmesan, meatless vegetable lasagna, and other veggie and pasta dishes. By following this meatless diet, you will have an increased chance of avoiding health problems. High cholesterol, heart disease, and obesity are some of the most severe regarding the meat diet. Meat has a large amount of fat, which in turn increases cholesterol, which can make you more compatible for heart problems. Those who eat meat have three times the obesity rate as vegetarians. It would be a good idea to take on the vegetarian diet if only for a short while to avoid obesity.
Vegetarians have less of a chance of getting heart disease and cancer. Eating meat increases the risk of heart disease. Of all the natural cancer prevention substances found: vitamin C, B-17, NDGA, etc., none has been found to be animal derived. Yet most meats, when cooked, produce an array of benzenes and other carcinogenic compounds. Cancer is infinitely easier to prevent than cure. Soybeans contain a protease inhibitor, a powerful anticancer compound. You
won't find it in useful quantities in animal based food. Vegetarians are ten times as healthy as a person who eats meat. They are less likely to develop intestinal toxemia. It is the condition of the intestinal flora that is critical to overall health. Any animal based products putrefy the colon.

This diet can immensely help the environment, it takes many calories of fossil fuel and a lot of water to produce doing ths we lose two of our most important resoir Eating more plants will help conserve our unreplenishable sources of energy. “It takes up to 16 pounds of soybeans and grains to produce 1 lb. of beef and 3 to 6 lbs. to produce 1 lb of turkey & egg” (

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