The Choloe And The Rose Essay

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The Cholo and The Rose By Liz Brown English Period 6 "Hey Olivia" yelled Andréa." Wait up for me." Olivia stopped in her tracks to wait up for her best friend Andrea Rodriguez, to find out if her all time crush Sammy Tellez, liked her. When Andréa caught up to Olivia, Olivia was anxious to find out what Sammy had said. Olivia was drop dead in love with Sammy; even though he was seventeen she loved the way he smiled, his looks, his great body, the way he was so charming and sweet, but most of all what made Olivia's stomach tickle with joy was looking into Sammy bright green eyes. " Dang girl you aren't ever going to believe this." Said Andréa. "When Sammy found out that you had a huge crush on him, his face turned red, and he stared to smile. Then he told me to give you this letter, and no I didn't read it." Olivia grabbed the letter from Andrea's hands and it read: Hey Olivia, What's up!? When Andrea told me that you were crushin me, I couldn't help to blush. That's when I began to write you this letter and well I like you too. I was just a little shy to admit it to you. I love everything about you such as your light honey brown eyes, your dark brown hair, and your pretty smile, the way you're loyal, but yet shy, and last but not least your personality. Well now I want to ask you to meet me at the Valley Park at 7:00 pm. Sincerely, Sammy At that moment Olivia almost fainted, she began to make a scene. Andréa was getting embarrassed because people at their school were looking at her, also because her boyfriend Jesse Solis, Sammy's best friend was coming toward them both. Olivia calmed her self down, but just to be sure, she read the letter again. Jesse saw the letter, took it, and struggled to read it, because Olivia was trying to get it back. Jesse's eyebrows went up as he was getting to the end of the letter. Olivia grabbed the letter from Jesse hands. " Dang, girl you got it goin good with my homie," Said Jesse." Olivia smirked. That night Olivia waited at the park. Then she saw Sammy's low rider, it was white with sparkling blue streaks on it, and he always kept it looking nice. When Sammy got out of the car he looked for Olivia. Then when he spotted her, he walked toward her, Olivia began to get nervous. Sammy got right to the point. "Well, I know you must have read my letter or else you wouldn't be here, but anyway, Andrea told me you liked me a lot, and well, I was hoping you did and you did. Well, I asked her to ask you if you wanted to be my girlfriend: so what do you say." Olivia shook and stuttered the word "yes". Sammy gave a small laugh. Sammy held out his hand and asked, "Do you want to come to my homie's party? Would your parents care?" Olivia said, "My mom is dead and my dad doesn't care what I do or what happens. So yeah, sure, I'll...

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