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The Christian Identity Movement Essay

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Running Head: THE CHRISTIAN IDENTITY MOVEMENTThe Christian Identity MovementThe Christian Identity MovementSecular conservative groups often work with the Christian Right to nominate the most conservative Republicans and to help them win election. They also cooperate in lobbying and have in the past provided key resources to help the Christian Right mobilize. For example, the Free Congress Foundation (FCF), headed by Paul Weyrich, is an educational and research organization. The FCF was once part of a network of organizations including the Committee for the Survival of a Free Congress, one of the largest new Right political action committees ( PACs). The PAC and FCF were involved in recruiting and training candidates and campaign directors in an effort to help elect very conservative Republicans to Congress, some of whom were Christian conservatives. Today the two organizations have far less money and are involved in an unusual set of initiatives, including promoting full-scale electric trains and helping the formerly communist nations in eastern Europe prepare for electoral democracy.A number of organizations combine right-wing religion and right-wing politics in ways that most Christian Right activists would find abhorrent. At the fringe of the gun community, the various militia groups that attracted attention after the Oklahoma City bombing frequently proclaim their Christian doctrine, but they are not part of the Christian Right movement, and most Christian Right activists oppose the militia groups. Many racist and anti-Semitic organizations claim a Christian grounding for their views, although their doctrine would be unpalatable to mainstream Christians. The Christian Identity Movement, for example, claims that Jews are the illegitimate spawn of Satan and that whites are the true Israelites. The Christian Right leadership is unanimous in its condemnation of such extremist organizations. (Barkun, 2003)Although national Christian Right organizations attract most of the media attention, each state has its own unique homegrown groups, and most have myriad flourishing local organizations as well. Statewide groups often form alliances with one or more of the big three. In Oregon, for example, the Oregon Citizens Alliance (OCA), originally a vehicle for a particular candidate, has spearheaded an effort to limit gay and lesbian rights by initiative and referenda. 4 The OCA has played an important role in Republican nomination politics in the state for almost a decade and has worked with the Christian Coalition and other groups to disseminate information before elections.In Fairfax County, Virginia, a dispute over the distribution of the gay advocacy newspaper The Washington Blade at public libraries led to the formation of a countywide organization. In 1992, Karen Jo Gounaud organized a local group of Christian parents to protest the Blade and demand its removal from public libraries. Her organization quickly drew advice and support...

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