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Due to the "highly subjective nature of most scientific theorizing... [we should] let the Bible speak for itself and modify our scientific view of origins accordingly." (as cited in Downey, D., & Porter, S., 2009).

God is an intelligent, creative, relational Being. God created all that exists (Gen 1-2) and right from the beginning God affirmed and blessed man’s participation in His creation (Gen 1:28-30, Gen 2:19-20). He created man in His image (Gen 1:26-27, 2:7) and for His fellowship (Gen 3:9). Because man was created to fellowship with God, man was created to seek truth. An aspect of seeking of truth is the gaining of knowledge. How one processes knowledge is dependent on how one views reality and truth. One’s worldview is their filter in this process. Hays and Erford (2010) define worldview as one’s “conceptualization of their relationship with the world” (p. 10).
Ways of Seeking Knowledge and Truth
There are many ways to gain knowledge and truth. Some ways are without intentional thought where as others are intentional. Jackson (2009) describes seven ways to gain knowledge: superstition, intuition, authority, tenacity, rationalism, empiricism, and science. The first four are more apt to occur without intentional thought. Knowledge via superstition is neither reliable nor valid and is based on feelings, interpreting random events as nonrandom, or believing in magical events. Knowledge via intuition is when knowledge is based on “gut feelings”. This type of knowledge is based on gaining knowledge without being consciously aware of where it came from. Authority and tenacity are often used to persuade people to purchase or believe in a product or concept. Knowledge via authority is knowledge based on those who are perceived as authority figures such as information believed as truth because a respected or famous person gave it. This creates problems when the person shares inaccurate information. Knowledge via tenacity is knowledge gained from hearing information repeatedly to the point that it is processed as accurate regardless of facts. The problem with tenacity is that the claims may be false.
The next two, rationalism and empiricism are the combination of knowledge via science. Knowledge via rationalism involves logical reasoning. It is the combination of stating precise ideas (often in the form of syllogism), applying logical rules, and making logical conclusions based on the ideas. The problem is when the syllogism’s content or either premises is false. The knowledge is not based on the content, but on the logical manner it is presented. Knowledge via empiricism involves gaining knowledge through objective observation and the experiences of one’s senses: seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and touching (collection of facts), and views knowledge, as “I’ll believe when I see it”.
Including the previous seven, Dr. Bill Wheeler (2011) presents three additional ways of seeking knowledge: revelation and faith;...

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