The Christmas Calendar Essay

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Another Christmas had come and gone. Seated in the living room in front of his television, Jimmy Stevenson was disheartened. Christmas evening was almost always one of the most depressing moments of the year. He hated the idea of a holiday going away as soon as it came.He gook a sip of his coffee and stared at the television blankly, watching a score of repeating holiday commercials. He always felt like yelling at the television for still showing those tacky Christmas commercials despite the fact that the holiday was coming to a close. He flipped through the channels and found a rerun of one of the football games from earlier in the week. Jimmy lived in the house that had belonged to his parents. He was only seventeen when they died tragically in a car accident, but they had already written out their will by then, leaving their house to him, their only son. He always kept the house clean, knowing that his mother would want it that way. He even set out the same Christmas decorations every year for old time's sakes. His wife Katherine was very understanding about all this, for she, too, had lost her mother at a young age. She helped Jimmy with everything that he wanted to do in memory of his parents. She kept the crucifix above the fireplace gleaming, as Jimmy's father had always done. She would listen to the same story ever year, the one where Jimmy recalled how his father had dressed up as Santa Claus one year to tell the manger story. Katherine would sit with Jimmy to watch the same old television shows that Jimmy had watched with his parents as a child. It was tradition, Jimmy would explain, looking a little embarrassed, but Katherine had never asked why they did these things because she already understood.Jimmy looked up from his mug and stared at the Christmas tree, still decked out with all of its holiday decorations. "We'll keep her up till New Year's Eve," they always said. That was how it had always been.A sudden barking sounded outside. The neighbor's dogs were always making more noise than they were worth. Katherine was rummaging around in their closet, humming a Christmas carol to herself. On the television, cheerleaders clapped their pomp-poms together while chirping, "Go Team!" in their childish voices.Katherine had stopped humming. The football game took a commercial break and it started showing a holiday coke commercial. The neighbor's dogs continued barking. Jimmy stared at the clock - 9:47 PM. He wondered when the neighbors would finally bring in their dogs for the night."Hey, honey, look what I found," Katherine said, her voice slightly muffled in the other room. "Come here, Jimmy.""Bring it out here," replied Jimmy, sipping his coffee. He didn't feel like moving. "A game's on and I'm comfortable."He heard his wife sigh and ignored it. She came into the living room from around the corner, holding a small but significantly dusty, wrapped gift in her hand. She handed it to him, wiping the dust off with her hands."The...

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1381 words - 6 pages , and Sue Ellen Thompson. Holiday Symbols and Customs: A Guide to the Legend and Lore behind the Traditions, Rituals, Foods, Games, Animals, and Other Symbols and Activities Associated with Holidays and Holy Days, Feasts and Fasts, and Other Celebrations, Covering Ancient, Calendar, Religious, Historic, Folkloric, National, Promotional, and Sporting Events, as Observed in the United States and around the World. Detroit MI: Omnigraphics, 2009. Print. Restad, Penne L. Christmas in America: A History. New York: Oxford UP, 1995. Print. Salusbury, Matt. "By Jove! It's Christmas." History Today 59.12 (2009): 6-7. Academic Search Complete. Web. 10 Dec. 2013.

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2830 words - 11 pages suggests that Christmas is only an interruptive exception from the otherwise capitalistic calendar. Even when Scrooge becomes altruistic, as in the above scene, his philanthropy still operates under the guise of capitalism, measured in economic terms and aimed ultimately at providing himself with pleasure. Dickens subtly turns his critique of ephemeral and selfish "holiday time" to the reader. The straightforward, Aristotelian structure of the

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1435 words - 6 pages carries only half the weight of a man's. In rape cases, women's testimony carries no weight."Part II:Yom KippurYom Kippur festivity takes place the 10th day of the month in the Jewish calendar. In the Christian calendar occurs on September or October. Yom Kippur is the most holy festivity of all Jewish celebrations. In the Yom Kippur, Jews prepare themselves for the next year. It is a day for repentance, confession, penitence, and prayers asking

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1826 words - 7 pages Advent, Christmas, Ordinary Time, Lent, Triduum, and Easter (“Liturgical Calendar”, The Advent season has a very important significance (“Advent and Christmas”, Advent is significant because Catholics are preparing themselves and their hearts for the coming of Jesus Christ (“Advent and Christmas”, Advent is also significant because it is a season that marks the beginning

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