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The Chronicals Maury John Essay

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I was around 19 when I cleaned out the attic. I just moved in to a newly bought house in the woods. The owner died and didn’t have any family so no one moved any of his belongings I mostly found old books and photos one photo stuck out to me I don’t know why but I had a uncomfortable feeling about it. I assumed it was the old man who owned it before me and his wife. After I got done in the attic I hung it up as a memorial for them. Later that night i had a house warming party. It was just a couple friends of mine and we just hung out for a few hours. We were sitting on the couch watching TV when one of my friends got up and walked to the kitchen to get a drink. Rummaging through the fridge he grabs a soda and shut s the door to see a bearded man blind in one eye. “you need to get out.” the old man said my friend Adam dropped his drink and the glass shattered on the floor. “what the heck man?” he said angrily. The old man kept chanting you need to get out of here.” “No you need to get out of here.” Adam said throwing a punch at the old man. The old man disappears and Adam slips on the puddle of soda. Adam reach for something to hold onto but grabbed a knife off the counter as he fell. The knife landed in his neck. We hear him fall in the other room and run to make sure he’s ok only to see him laying there with a message on the wall in his blood saying “I told him to get out.” “what’s going on?” I thought to myself. horrified my friend jack called the police “ya need to get down here as soon as ya can.” Jack said walking into my bedroom. Jack looked up to see a man dressed in Victorian clothing looking jack in the eye. Jack dropped the phone and ran for the door. the man rose his arm up and shut the door before Jack could get out. jack tried turning the handle but it wouldn’t budge. Jack grabbed a cross I had on a shelf by the door and threw it at the ghost. The ghost disappeared. Jack tried the door ano0ther time this time the door knob turned. Jack open the door to see the house in flames he stood there in horror as he saw the living room furniture burn to a crisp a flame shot up nearly hit him in the face. Jack fell to the ground and shut the door before my bedroom caught on fire. jack looked across the room to see and window and escaped through it. My friends Will and Alice were cleaning up Adam’s body and putting it in plastic bags “shouldn’t we wait for the cops before we clean this up?” will said opening a plastic...

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