The Chupawan Legend Of Creation Essay

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A long long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there was an enormous ball of color, in a huge black void. The ball was a representation of everything good and caring, and especially loving. The ball wanted everything to be happy, like it was. So, with all its might, it released all the colors. Orange and red came together to make the sun, green and blue came to make the earth and gray black and white came to make the moon. These colors, also came to represent feelings. On the earth, all the colors came together to make man. Each color contributed to make feelings, red became anger, purple became love, green made uneasiness, blue made sadness, and so forth. Two people were made, and one had more red than the any color, and the other one had more yellow, which was happiness. The yellow man was always going around and making new things with his colors, he made happy beautiful Sunfish, but his counterpart (the red man) made huge sharks with large teeth to kill the sunfish, and when the fish were killed, they bled red. The yellow man made sunflowers, which shone beautifully in the daylight. Red man made Nightshade, which dark colors held poison to anything that would touch it. Yellow man made the red colored Robin, which was a happy little animal who sang beautiful songs and to show that the color red was not all evil. The red man, angered by the use of the color red for something happy, made the coral snake, which had red and yellow stripes and was very poisonous. Each time the yellow man made something happy, the red man got more angered and created another evil animal. All the animals Red created, were very mean and evil, and each Yellow created, was happy and loving. The yellow animals eventually taught the red animals how to be loving, and the red animals taught the yellow ones to fight and hunt. They did not get along, but they had respect for each other. Yellow man then wanted more people to love, so he made more people, and red man countered with the Red dragon. The dragon were the biggest thing red had created, and it took a lot of his red coloring, and red man and the dragon were connected spiritually. The people yellow man created grew in number and learned more colors from different animals, and they became equal in color. They learned to hate and to love, to cry and to laugh. Some people liked hate more than love, and those people were never happy and lived in hatred. The dragon was fueled by the red mans hatred, and started killing people. Yellow man was angered by this, and he made weapons for the people. The people fought the dragon, and it almost died, but the red man gave even more hatred to the dragon, and red man lost all his anger and he became a lonely, sad gray man. Red man became no more, and the only thing that was truly hateful was the dragon. Yellow man knew that the dragon’s hatred was too powerful for the people, so he did what had to be done.

Yellow man took a little bit of each color, and made a brave, strong...

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