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The Church Industry Essay

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Is the church a social club where handsome young men come to window shop for pretty young ladies? Is the church a beautiful architectural masterpiece like the 50,000 sitter church auditorium – “Faith Tabernacle” reputed to be the single largest church building on Earth, according to Guinness Book of Records (2007)? Should we liken the church to a football club, where only valuable players (big boys in Nigeria context) sit in front roles and drop big money for church project? No, is the church is a money-making venture piloted by pastors who use tithe and offering to buy flashy cars, fly private jet and live in lavish houses?
Yes Sam, you just spoke my mind. Did I? I don’t think so. I wonder why people, especially Nigerians, expect preachers to be paupers and beggars on the street. Is poverty a true reflection of Christianity? If your answer is yes, why then did Jesus Christ, our perfect example, employ Judas as his personal accountant to manage and keep his money? Don’t get me wrong, I am a strong advocate for accountability and proper financial management among pastors but I don’t belong to the school of thought that support poverty as a true reflection of Christianity. Is the church a religious gathering with little or no influence on human life’s and the nation? Permit me to take you on a short trip into the pages of history as we briefly explore the influence of the church in the early days.
In the Middle age of Europe, the church was the most influential institution. It influenced the decision of policy makers in business, politics and health in one way or the other. During the Middle age, the church led a movement of mass literacy by providing education to clergymen and monks. It ran schools for merchant and trade men, enabling them acquire requisite knowledge in their field of trade. The church provided free transportation along the pilgrim routes, induced the kings and lords to maintain the roads through a group called the “knights Hospitaller”. However, the church of the Middle Age rejected technology because they saw technology as a demon sent from hell to destroy lives. Let’s come down to Africa. When Africa was colonized by Europe, our land and vast natural resources were exploited by wicked colonial masters and native government who were concerned with milking the land for selfish and personal gain. Slave trade, dehumanization and massive stealing characterized the activities of the colonial administrators. Nevertheless, it is crucial to note that the church was the only standing institution that stood as a pillar for developing and building the region. Missionaries from different part of the developed world came as “divine aliens” to storm the continent of Africa with a two edged sword- “a message of salvation” and “a gift of education”. With no aid from the colonial administration, they pulled resources from their home countries, built schools, erected new infrastructures to make life better for the black man. They also...

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