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The Church Is Holly In Three Ways

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From the Incarnation of the Word, the world was given the fullness of divine Revelation in the person of Jesus Christ. Christ instructed the apostles with the task of handing down all that he had taught them. In order that they fulfill this mission, the Father sent the Holy Spirit upon them. The Holy Spirit allowed the apostles to understand the fullness of Christ's teachings and proclaim them. This definitive Revelation of Christ , which was given to the apostles and continues now through the Church, is found in Sacred Scripture and Sacred tradition, as the Deposit of faith. In conclusion "God has entrusted to the Catholic Church all Revealed Truth" (Theological Flint) If a Christian Church ...view middle of the document...

If you practice religion how you want you may not be following the standards set up by Christ in his original teachings to the apostles. This change of teachings may mean that you are not even participating in the religion you intended to teach.
The church is made up of sinful members yet it is still considered holy. As the second mark states the church is holy, "the church receives this from her founder Jesus Christ through the indwelling of the holy Spirit." (The Church: Sacrament of Salvation) Christ filled the Church with grace completely making her sanctifying. The Church is holy in three ways. She is holy because of her founder Christ. She is holy because her goal is the glory of God. She is holy because she was given to bring all men into communion with god, through teachings of Christ, the sacraments, and the life of prayer. She remains holy even with her sinful members because "her essence is the Mystical body of Christ, and like Christ is Holy and without sin." (The Church: Sacrament of Salvation) The sins of her members do not defile her holiness, instead her holiness defiles their sins, transforming them into holiness.
As the first mark states the Church is one. She remains one because of the belief in one God, and also that Jesus instituted the...

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