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The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints.

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John GrayMr. Bunting W&W Rom.The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day SaintsThe book "MORMONISM Doctrines of devils" is book #2 in the volume "Exposing the cults of our day". It covers the basic beliefs and practices of Mormonism will compare the Mormon religion to the beliefs of Christianity.The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the Mormons) where organized on April 6, 1830 in New York with 6 members. Mormons recognizes 4 books: (1) The Book of Mormon, (2) Doctrine and Covenants, (3) Pearl of Great Price, and (4) the Bible as long as it is correctly translated, they consider the King James Version as there official bible. Book of Mormons is a collection of 15 books, supposedly covering the history of an ancient people in America from 2200 BC to 421 AD. Joseph Smith (Founder of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) claims its location was revealed to him on September 22, 1827, and was on tablets of gold.According to the Book of Mormon, two great immigrations took place to America after the Tower of Babel. one around 2000 BC and another around 600 BC. The first group that migrated were descendants of Jared. They landed on the west coast of Central America. They built large cities, had elephants and many domesticated animals. But the people were corrupt and wicked, they all died in massive wars. In battle 2 million people died. Finally, everyone was killed, except the prophet Ether, who recorded it onto 24 gold plates.Then came About 600 BC Lehi and his family left Jerusalem and sailed to the west coast of South America. Later he and his family migrated to Central and North America. There they found the domesticated animals (horses, cows, ox, goat, etc) left by the Jaredites. The two most dominant members of Lehi's family were Nephi and Laman. Laman's family was rebellious against the Lord. According to the Book of Mormon, the Nephites were the American Indians and were dark-skinned Israelits. The Lamanites, because of their rebellion was cursed by God with black skin. Nephi and his family built great cities and founded a great civilization. The Nephites were faithful to God, but the Lamanites were rebellious against God. For two hundred years, the two groups lived in peace, but eventually war broke out. The final great battle took place about 385 AD near what is present day Palmyra, NY. In the battle 230,000 Nephites died and 300,000 Lamanites died. Before the battle, the leader of the Nephites, Mormon, hid some golden plates at the hill Cumorah with the record of their people. After the battle, his son, Moroni, added some additional plates in the same place. Only a handful of Nephites and Lamanites survived. These are the present day Native Americans.Jesus Christ appeared to the North American Indians and shared with them the gospel. The book of Mormon teaches that when the Spanish arrived they found the American Indians worshipping the memory of Jesus. Many tribes speaks of the legend of the white faced God that had...

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