The Church's Response To The Homosexual: Annotated Bibliography

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Cassidy, Ron. “The Clear Teaching of the Bible on Homosexual Practice.” Expository Times 115. 9 (2004): 298-301. Academic Search Complete. Web. 31 Mar. 2014.
In my summary of “The Clear Teaching of the Bible on Homosexual Practices” I feel there are many ways to look at the context of the bible. The article is about what is acceptable and what is unacceptable in the Christian lifestyle. They do not want the reader to look at the bible at a literalist view. This means that the reader should not take the text as is but should analyze the meaning of scriptures and seek to see if they have more of an alternative understanding. They want you to have more sympathetic views on the homosexual lifestyle. He argues that most people view the scriptures exclusively instead of inclusively. When a person reads inclusively they include what they are looking for in text and other things pertaining to the same problem, but when a person reads exclusively they read for a certain area or problem. This article is mainly about how the author Ron Cassidy is analyzing what someone previously wrote and is arguing a great point on what was said towards the homosexual community with scripture.
The Expository Times is a long-established academic journal of Biblical studies, theology, and ministry. This article was written by Ron Cassidy for the Expository times in response to the Ian K. Duffield on the issues of homosexuality and the clear teachings of the bible. I believe that we can trust the author because in this article he never bashes the other author that wrote but approached his work with accurate viewpoints so that the readers understands him. The goal of this article was to shoot down the concepts and contentions that were against homosexuals that the previous writer wrote. I don’t feel like this was a biased article but more objective one. The reason I believe that it is objective is because he argued how the other authors standpoints were wrong and included his.
This article relates to my topic because it will help to explain how being a homosexual could possibly be moral and a norm as everyday life. It relates to the point of seeing scriptures and getting the readers to understand that everything is not literal when it comes to the bible and can be looked at a different way. Lastly I believe it relates because he isn’t on a particular side but is arguing what he believes is right regardless of his sexual orientation.

McGinniss, Mark. ” The Church's Response to the Homosexual.” Journal of Ministry & Theology 14.2 (2010):129-163. Academic Search Complete. Web. 31 Mar. 2014
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