The Cia Shouldn't Pursue Drone Program

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After 9/11 George W. Bush signed documents that gave the C.I.A the right to kill or capture any terrorist anywhere in the world. They could use lethal force against anyone that was a suspect to a national security threat calling it “anticipatory” self-defense and being released of its legal constraints by classifying terrorism as an act of war rather than a crime. This was a glove’s off response to the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. America’s emotions were running high. They were hurt, angry, and out for revenge. According to the September 2001 Gallup poll, George Bush’s approval rating was 90% throughout the nation. Needless to say, the nation backed this guerrilla counter attack. The United States announced a war on terrorism, using different weapons and tactics to help destroy Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups. The MQ-1 Predator drone would make it’s appearance and change the way we fight terrorism forever. Jane Mayer, a distinguished writer for The New Yorker, explains, “The Predator program is described by many in the intelligence world as America’s single most effective weapon against Al Qaeda.” (2009). The C.I.A had its hand on a weapon that was less expensive than putting soldiers on the ground, no risk of soldier death, cameras that made pinpoint accuracy possible, and the ability to kill anyone they wish with a push of a button. This was an ideal weapon that would be used to dismantle high profile terrorist leaders. But what happens when such a secretive organization, like the C.I.A, is in control of such a powerful weapon with the authority to do whatever it takes to kill the bad guys? This gives them power to decide whether someone lives or dies based on intelligence they acquire. There is no due process, no judge present, and no innocent until proven guilty. If one finds his or her name on “the kill list,” they will have a hell-fire missile sent to their location, end of story. This makes ground for a moral and legal dilemma. What constitutes someone making his or hers way onto that dreadful list? How many civilian casualties have been lost because of drone strikes? Does the intelligence acquired warrant a death sentence? Who is sentencing these individuals? These are all questions that American citizens should be asking. Mayer goes on to state that, “The program is classified as covert, and the intelligence agency declines to provide any information to the public about where it operates, how it selects targets, who is in charge, or how many people have been killed.” (2009). The program needs to be handed over to the Department Of Defense; so the targeted killings can be made public, therefore bringing about more transparency with-in the program. This change would also put far more legal constraints on the drone attacks, minimizing civilian casualties and strengthening political bonds with Middle East governments.
“The U.S. government runs two drone programs. The military’s version, which is publicly...

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