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The Cia: The Underground Agency That Protects Our Country

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I believe that the majority of the problems that affect the United States today will be still be prominent problems in the future. These issues include terrorism, spying, privacy rights, and drugs and gangs. Even though these issues are at their prime now, I think they will be less burdensome, yet still a concern to the CIA and our government. Acts, drones, the national watch list.
After 9/11 there have been Acts and Executive Orders passed over the past decade for the prevention of terrorism. I believe that these Acts will be revised to meet the innovation of technology and citizen’s rights. For example, the Patriot Act was the first piece of legislation post 9/11 that enabled ...view middle of the document...

Besides terroristic gangs, drug gangs are a major problem as well. For the past decades drugs have ruined cities by impoverishing people, increasing street violence, and increasing crime in general. Harder and harder drugs like crack are spreading rapidly; even to high school students. The war on drugs has killed thousands and will kill many more in the future. Because of the Deep Web, the unanimous portion of the internet dedicated to drugs, porn, and terroristic communications, drugs have spread even more quickly. “It [Deep Web] allows all sorts of criminals who, in bygone eras, had to find open- air drug markets or an alley somewhere to engage in bad activity to do it openly” Preet Bharara- Time. Since it is easier and unanimous online to sell drugs, it has flourished on the Deep Web. Because of the amiminity on the Deep Web, agents are able to gather crime tips and locate criminals. With the future’s technology, the CIA and government agencies will have an easier job of disclosing crime online and preventing more drug and terroristic activity from becoming a threat.
In the future, evolving technologies will enable more acute surveillance for both espionage and crime related information on the Deep Web. Privacy will be mandated into legislation, yet the hot button issue will lesson over the next ten years. As for crime, authorities will have better databases/ information network and technologies to detect criminal operations. The world will seem to be safer, yet terroristic and criminal threats will continue as long as there is hatred a demand for drugs.
The Central Intelligence Agency of the United States has used controversial methods of obtaining intelligence in the past and continues to do so presently with the threat of terrorism, and will continue with these methods in the future in order to keep America safe. During the Cold War era espionage reached its golden age. Technology was becoming a major part of the military and CIA’s workforce and has been evolving ever since. As technology evolved, information increased and became clearer with satellites. After 9/11 security and espionage became a chief concern for our government. Laws were enacted to enable agents to search without warrants and spy on...

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