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The Cinematic Features Displayed In Pleasantville And The Truman Show

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The Cinematic Features Displayed in Pleasantville and The Truman Show

The following essay, which I have composed, is based on two important
films of the last decade. Their titles are "Pleasantville" and "The
Truman Show". Starting with the "Pleasantville", the general overview
of the film's plot gets more complicated the further you get into it.
It brings up several issues all of which I have commented on in this

The film starts with two teenagers, David and Jennifer. David has an
addiction to old reruns of a fifties sitcom also by the name of
"Pleasantville". Jennifer is the complete opposite of her brother,
leading a rather promiscuous lifestyle. During an argument, their TV
remote is broken, meaning they are unable to watch their television.
The argument is between David who wants to watch the Pleasantville
marathon and Jennifer who wants to watch a film with her date who is
coming round in a few minutes. Then a supernatural event occurs as a
TV repairman rings the doorbell seconds after the breakage.

The TV repairman has a common interest with David in Pleasantville. As
he sees David is a die-hard fan, the repairman gives David a special
remote which transports them into their television, into
Pleasantville. Pleading with the repairman to transport them back, he
gets upset and leaves them in. Because of this they have to stay stuck
in the roles of Bud and Mary-Sue, two of the shows characters and have
to continue in their characters lives.

"The Truman Show", as mentioned before, is also a major film in the
last decade. The general overview of the plot is simple for viewers to
recognise throughout the film. Set a few years into the future, a
fictional television company called Omnicom adopt an unwanted
pregnancy in order to produce a television show. This television show
would be live twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week filming this
unwanted pregnancy's life. They name the baby Truman Burbank, and the
show, "The Truman Show". The film starts when Truman is in his mid to
late twenties with an ideal job, wife and home in the town which is
Seahaven. I will relate more to this town in the next section. All
this is, from actors to the weather, is controlled by Christof, the
director of the show. He controls everything around Truman and will be
talked about more in the next section.

The towns of Pleasantville and Seahaven, the sets for both films are
similar in ways and different in others. The main similarity is how
both are supposed to be 'perfect worlds'. Pleasantville, the first
perfect world, is based on what most American fifties sitcoms were
truly like. They also repeat re-runs of these shows even today just
like Pleasantville 'the TV show' is in the film. These sitcoms usually
featured wholesome American families consisting of a father, mother

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