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The Circle Analysis

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The lack of privacy and increased transparency has caused people to think as a group. There are no more secrets kept from others, putting a lot of pressure on everybody to be accepted. This is the main cause of group thinking. Thinking as a group can be a good thing in certain occasions but in a large society, can be unproductive. Everybody would share the same opinions and the world would become stagnant. There’d be no more emerging engineers and the Circle and all of its inventions would eventually peak. There would no longer be individual identities. With all of the technological advancements made by the Circle, the concept of groupthink seemed unavoidable.
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With so many people already thinking on the same page, it didn’t take much convincing to put her idea into action.
If there are other schools of thought that oppose or even differ from the groups’, the group can take action and challenge the other side. Not necessarily a physical challenge but their ideas can be pressured in efforts to pull or convert them into the group. When Mae’s family and Mercer tried to live off the grid, void of any social networking site and TruYou accounts, a mob of people chased after them. They only chased after them because they thought privacy was theft and they were being robbed. If in reality they were being robbed of tangible items, a mob might be a little more acceptable. But in the case of this mob, the Circle had them all thinking that valuable information was being kept from them and the world. They all shared this opinion and Mae’s family and Mercer were chased down because they opposed it.
When studying the actions of a large group of people, they tend to look past the potential consequences of their actions. This may be due to the diffusion of responsibility within the group and or because they think whatever they’re doing is the right thing and has no moral or ethical consequences at all. A good example of this trait in The Circle is the mob that chased after Mercer but another connection can be made with Annie. Annie, had grown jealous of her co-worker Mae’s accomplishments so she volunteered to test a new invention. She was...

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