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The Circle Of Fantasy Essay

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In the play Streetcar Named Desire, Tennessee Williams uses his writing to bring life to his characters in the story. One of the big themes is illusion. The play is all about illusion and fantasy to show how people are stuck in a circle of fantasy where they cannot get out of without any help. In the play A Streetcar Named Desire, by Tennessee Williams, the author shows fantasy through Blanche and Stella who escape from realities and act like drama never happened to her, for example the lost of Belle Reve; furthermore, Williams shows that people should enforce reality on those who live in fantasy.
Blanche is in a circle of fantasy, because she had a lot of tragedy in her life which ...view middle of the document...

Blanche takes the naked truth, so she covered up the lights, to also cover up the fact, that she is not young anymore.
Stella is the direct opposite of her sister Blanche, because she lives in reality and she also can’t help her sister out of her desire. Stella does not want to escape out of her situation and relationship with Stanley even after he hit her at the poker night, so she says: “I’m not in anything that I have desire to get out of”(65). Up til now, Blanche was unable to imagine that Stella could be happy with a brutish husband. Stella is not looking for an escape, because she tries to justify his behavior and makes excuses for Stanley, because she still does not want to leave him.
Stella’s satisfaction with her relationship is completely foreign to Blanche, because she is explaining her love with physical passion, so she mentions: “ But there are things that happen between a man and a woman in the dark – that sort of make everything else seem – unimportant”(81). Stella is explaining her true love for Stanley. Blanche recognizes desire, but she tries to pretend she cannot and refuses to get on board.Stella is an interesting...

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