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Earth constantly rotates on it axis twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year. The sun consistently rises and sets. Time never ceases. Everything keeps moving forward; nothing goes back. One cannot change what has happened in the past, but only move on in the present and accept the consequences. Acceptance is hard to fulfill, and is sometimes our only choice to take in life. Throughout the novel, Nectar in a Sieve, written by Kamala Markandaya many tragic and life-threatening events occur. Markandaya has her characters in her novel encounter numerous challenges from storms and droughts to starvation and poverty. Such characters like Rukmani, Nathan, and Ira cannot afford to just cry out and ...view middle of the document...

Clearly, Markandaya is confirming her agreement that one must accept certain situations verses shouting out for something one cannot simply change.
Moreover, Markandaya uses Ira to display her feeling towards acceptance. Ira is Rukmani’s daughter, who is very beautiful and caring. Ira eventually becomes a prostitute and becomes pregnant with an albino son named Sacrabani. Even though her parents disapprove of the child and the village people find the child quite odd, she does not love her child any less. Ira accepts her child for who he is and embraces him for his true nature. Ira sees her child being “a lovely child and as fair as a blossom”, while her father sees the child “as a white mouse” (Markandaya 115). However, eventually her family, too, learns to accept the child for who he is. Even Ira’s brother, Selvam, accepts Sacrabani and loves him as if the child is his own. As a result when Kali, the family’s neighbor, criticizes and judges the child, Selvam takes the initiative and tells Kali how “a pink-eyed child is no worse than a brown-eyed child” (Markandaya 118). If Ira’s family ended up not accepting Sacrabani into their family, then Ira probably would have left with the child making Nathan and Rukmani very sad. Accepting the littlest things for what they are can make a huge difference in someone’s life between being happy or unhappy. All in all, Markandaya believes acceptance towards something or someone is more effective than fighting against it.
Furthermore, Rukmani is used to show Markandaya’s point of view towards acceptance. Towards the end of novel, Rukmani has already overcome a diverse amount of conditions, but she is yet consequently left with one of the most difficult situations. Death. In other words, when Rukmani are almost ready to leave the city to go back home her loving husband, Nathan, falls...

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