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The Circumstances Of A King Essay

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...And it's going to determine the course of the rest of your life. As I watched the car... boat... whatever it was turn around the corner leaving me behind, I could not shake myself of those words. Heh... its like that girl I met when I was a kid. Like every other day I thought back to that girl and what she told me that day, dream is destiny. Dream is destiny... yet I see no way that could be true.
In my dream I return to the same place every time. To a castle in a kingdom I invented within the dream. There I am a king, ruler of the realm. Whatever I want I get, as its my dream. The people there are of my creation too and they remain loyal to me. Now that I think about it... that girl looked roughly familiar... no I must be overthinking it. Dream is destiny... that would be something alright, to be a king! Well anyway... back to the problem at hand.
Snapping out of my thoughts I looked at where I was. It was darker here then the rest of the city. Lots of tall buildings blocked out the light of the sun. It's all in what you do with the crayons, I suppose. Thinking back to the driver I started to walk along the path. I looked around at the bleak, oppressing buildings around me. I couldn't suppress a shiver as I walked past a puddle of something that was clearly not water. I wonder why that guy told the driver to drop me off here..., I thought to myself as I considered turning back around before something dangerous happens.
I was just about to turn back when I came across a rather dark alleyway. For some reason or another the alley felt like it was beckoning to me, and I felt a irresistable desire to see what was there. I got a phone so if anything dangerous were to happen I could call the police I suppose... if worse comes to worse I also have the knife that I have treasured for so long... given to me by my late grandfather. I gripped the knife in my pocket thinking back to my grandfather's funeral.
“Took you long enough,” came a feminine voice from the dark, the shock jarred me so much that I almost stabbed myself with the knife. Laughing the voice approached nearer and I saw the face of the girl slowly emerge, “What's wrong? Did I scare you too much?” It was the face of the girl I saw when I was at the phonebooth contorted into a expression resembling a mischievous little cat.
“You... how... when... why are you here? And I wasn't afrid! Just... surprised.” I said in respone to the girl.
“Haha... really now, because it sure looked like you were afraid! I mean your face was so contorted... and you stood up at your full height and everything. Oh my! You look so angry now... and guys think girls get upset too easily? I was just teasing! Lighten up tough guy.”
I sighed. “Whatever... I need to get going,” I turned around.
“Wait!” The girl shouted to stop me from leaving. “As for the reason I'm here...,” she began in a more serious tone, “it was to meet you.” I couldn’t comprehend what she meant by that. As I stood there with a blank...

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