The Community Essay

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The Community

The laws of the government and regulations of the state should be followed accordingly. There will be equal opportunities for everyone throughout their lifetime as long as they meet the requirements for those opportunities. People who qualify and will do the best for the community will head the community. The society is based on free will as long as the rules are followed and no one is harmed. The rules and regulations set are to protect the people of the society in order for a safe and harmonious community.
Having a harmonious community requires equal opportunities for everyone. What is meant by equal opportunities is that everyone will have a chance to work, to go to school, to vote, etc., without worrying about who you know or how much money you have. Opportunities will be given to those that meet the requirements needed for a particular job, attending school, etc. For example, if you want to apply for a teaching job and you do not have any prior education, that job will not be available to you until you receive the proper education necessary. Equal opportunities amongst the people are derived to lessen the amounts of discrimination, especially in the field of work. Instead of having an equal amount of males and females, the job will be given to the people who deserve it and not the people that just fit in to the category needed on the job. The goal of equal opportunity is to allow everyone to have a chance. In "Woman as the Second Sex", Simone De Beauvoir states that "humanity is male and man defines woman not in herself but as relative to him." Beauvoir says that women are portrayed as being lower than men are and without men the women are basically nothing. With equal opportunities the idea of women can exist without men; women can be just as important and succeed if they are allowed the opportunity. The idea of the separate woman and man could be minimal if equal opportunities are given and the community makes it more of an equal world.
Keeping the community in order requires official people to make rational decisions for the good of the people and to get the community involved with some decisions. The community's government will make the decisions, but the people have the right to question them if they are unjust. The government of the community will consist of twelve people. There will be ten representatives which all of the propositions go through and two head representatives that make the final decisions. The public votes on the ten representatives who fit the qualifications, concentrating on who will best serve the people. The two head representatives must also fit the qualifications and are voted on by the ten representatives. The main purpose of the government, as noted in Thomas Jefferson's "The Declaration of Independence", is to protect the rights of the people. He believes that everyone has the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit...

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