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The City Of Columbus To Save Its Youth

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Columbus to save its Youth
The United States is no stranger to crime, unfortunately there has been an increased amount of criminal activity in the city of Columbus. The most drastic increase in criminal activity has been among teens as young as thirteen, and are usually commited during after school hours. The city of Columbus has made attempts to be proactive in reducing the crime rate in with little success. Many residents believe that increased punishment for adolescent crimes is the proper measure that needs to be taken. While, many other residents believe that parents should be held responsible for their children’s after school care. The average working adult in Columbus usually works on the average of at least forty hours a week to maintain an average lifestyle. With fifty-five percent of children living in a single parent household with a single income, it is near impossible for many of these parents to be able to not only supervise their children at all times, but afford care in most cases. This is a cry for help the city of Columbus should invest in an increase of free after school programs for children ages thirteen and older.
Recently, there has been a rise in criminal activity amongst the youth in Columbus Georgia. The percentage of juvenile criminals increased by almost 9.5% in the year 2012-2013(Chattahoochee Valley Struggles with Black on Black Crime). Many of the crimes committed involved adolescents as young as fifteen, and have become increasingly more violent. In 2012 a sixteen year old woman was shot and killed by her eighteen year old boyfriend, a few months later a nineteen year old boy was shot while walking to his home. (Chattahoochee Valley Struggles with Black on Black Crime). Due to the overwhelming amount of violence occurring in Columbus, the safety of the youth and their own well-being has raised major concerns with many local residents.
Local resident Toya Winder, was robbed at gun point on her way to her Lake Bottom apartment on December eighteenth. Winder recalls the assailants announcing “This is a robbery, we’re going to shoot you!” Winder was then knocked out and beaten by the two gun wilding young men. Winder, usually an avid supporter of Columbus youth, was understandably shocked by the incident. Due to her negative encounter with these young men Winder has taken action in the Columbus community; with a goal of change in mind Winder now serves as an advocate of non-violence, and shares her story with young men and women in the community. She is very optimistic that she can prevent this from happening to anyone else by educating them on the impact of these crimes. Fortunately, Ms. Winder’s story ended well and she has used it to make a positive impact in Columbus. With many stories that mirror Ms. Winder’s, community leaders have certainly taken notice that there are issues concerning the lack of constructive community activities.
Many other citizens have become aware of the rise in criminal activity...

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