The City Of La La Land Essay

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The old building.
Created out of wood, bricks and stone.
Remembers the forest that became a field that became a city.
Remembers every moment, every story, that it was told.
Listen to the old building.
Listen to the tales, that are recorded in the walls.
To the stories trapped in the bricks.
It has much to say.
Much to show.

Los Angeles: the city of illusions,fakes, fantasies, and dreamers. The building in Los Angeles resemble the different ethnic people who live in this strange city, they are Unique and Imaginative. Much of the buildings located in Los Angeles are constructed to look contemporary, bizarre, and/or shaped to resemble something entirely different, for example a cupcake. The buildings, like some of the people who inhabit the city of Los Angeles, are there to entertain the audience. Each unique building represents bits and pieces of what Los Angeles is. However, which one reveals what Los Angeles is known for? What represents the immense amount of culture, the beautiful (fake) people, the expensive taste, and the eccentric architecture. Which building shows a city constructed out of people’s dreams. The Fowler Museum, Griffith Observatory, The Staples Center, Bradbury Building, Stahl House, and Grauman’s Chinese Theater; all capture the image that Los Angeles shows.
Hundreds of thousands of Hollywood's most famous celebrities have graced the halls of the Chinese Theatre, at movie premieres and ceremonies. In the Book Hollywood Cinema written by Richard Maltby, he says“it was once stated ‘To visit Los Angeles and not see the Chinese Theater is like visiting China and not seeing the Great Wall’ [Grauman’s] Chinese Theater has been a part of Los Angeles history for over seventy five years”. The Chinese Theater, in Hollywood, best captures what the city of Los Angeles is. Los Angeles and the Chinese Theater both offer an escape from reality. They both offer you a place full of fantasy and illusions. A place where everything and everyone looks pretty and fake. A place where you only have dreamed about. That is what Los Angeles is, a movie.
As I mentioned in the first page, Los Angeles is a city filled with different ethnicities, different cultures. People of mostly every race, culture and religion can be found living in this California city. According to the article Age and Ethnicity in Los Angeles County located in “Los Angeles Community College District, Office in Institutional Research” (, it the state of that Los Angeles there are currently 30.1% are (some form of) white, 0.3% Native American, 43.2% Hispanic, 12.3% Asian, 10.2% African/African and 4.0% [that are] [a]nother ethnicity. These different ethnicities has not just influenced the appearance of the buildings that were and are being/been built, (some building that were inspired by culture is the Chinese Theater (chinese), Los Angeles Union Station in Downtown LA (hispanic) and the Los Angeles City Hall (European)) but these cultures have also influenced...

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